A train is a form of rail transport consisting of a series of vehicles that usually runs along a rail track to transport cargo or passengers. Motive power is provided by a separate locomotive or individual motors in self-propelled multiple units. Although historically steam propulsion dominated, the most common modern forms are diesel and electric locomotives, the latter supplied by overhead wires or additional rails. Other energy sources include horses, engine or water-driven rope or wire winch, gravity, pneumatics, batteries, and gas turbines. Train tracks usually consist of two running rail ...more

The Western Star (Walt Longmire, #13)
The Silver Arrow
Around the World in 80 Trains: A 45,000-Mile Adventure
Ambush (Sydney Rose Parnell, #3)
Overground Railroad
Murder on the Safari Star (Adventures on Trains #3)
Charlie the Choo-Choo
Firefly Home
The Highland Falcon Thief (Adventures on Trains, #1)
Kidnap on the California Comet (Adventures on Trains #2)
Peace Train
Vampire on the Orient Express (Avery & Carter, #1)
The Train to Impossible Places (The Train to Impossible Places, #1)
Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?
Freight Train
The Little Engine That Could
Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10)
Steam Train, Dream Train
How to Train a Train
Shark vs. Train
The Polar Express
The Girl on the Train
Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
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The Boundless
And the Train Goes...

Agatha Christie
Trains are relentless things, aren't they, Monsieur Poirot? People are murdered and die, but they go on just the same. I am talking nonsense, but you know what I mean." "Yes, yes, I know. Life is like a train, Mademoiselle. It goes on. And it is a good thing that that is so." "Why?" "Because the train gets to its journey's end at last, and there is a proverb about that in your language, Mademoiselle." "'Journey's end in lovers meeting.'" Lenox laughed. "That is not going to be true for me." "Yes ...more
Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

Erich Maria Remarque
I lie down on many a station platform; I stand before many a soup kitchen; I squat on many a bench;--then at last the landscape becomes disturbing, mysterious, and familiar. It glides past the western windows with its villages, their thatched roofs like caps, pulled over the white-washed, half-timbered houses, its corn-fields, gleaming like mother-of-pearl in the slanting light, its orchards, its barns and old lime trees. The names of the stations begin to take on meaning and my heart trembles ...more
Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

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