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Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War
Too Many Tribbles! (Star Trek)
Born with Teeth
Star Trek: Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever: The Original Teleplay
Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War
Star Trek: Waypoint
Star Trek: Manifest Destiny
Available Light
Desperate Hours (Star Trek: Discovery #1)
The Captain's Oath
Control (Star Trek: Section 31)
Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War
The Way To The Stars
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard
Absent Enemies (Star Trek: Titan)
Original Sin
Child of Two Worlds (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Imzadi (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Imzadi #1)
Q-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Q-In-Law (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #18)
Gods of Night (Star Trek: Destiny #1)
Spock's World
The Entropy Effect (Star Trek TOS #2)
Vendetta (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Yesterday's Son (Star Trek: The Original Series #11; The Yesterday Saga, #1)
Mere Mortals (Star Trek: Destiny #2)
Dark Mirror
Enterprise: The First Adventure
Star Trek I: The Motion Picture (Star Trek: The Original Series #1; Movie Novelization #1)
Lost Souls (Star Trek: Destiny, #3)
The Lost Years (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #1)
Mosaic by Jeri TaylorThe Eternal Tide by Kirsten BeyerPathways by Jeri TaylorFull Circle by Kirsten BeyerCaretaker by L.A. Graf
Best Star Trek Voyager books
26 books — 26 voters

Just Between Series by Gina L. DarttStar Trek by Lydia GastrellStar Trek by Lydia GastrellPast Imperfect by Fletcher DeLanceyThe First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology by Lori Perkins
Star Trek Fan-Fiction
20 books — 7 voters

Homecoming by Christie GoldenFull Circle by Kirsten BeyerThe Eternal Tide by Kirsten BeyerAtonement by Kirsten BeyerThe Farther Shore by Christie Golden
Star Trek: Voyager Relaunch
12 books — 8 voters
Alien Species Intervention by J.K. AccinniEvil Among Us by J.K. AccinniEcho by J.K. AccinniHive by J.K. AccinniArmageddon Cometh by J.K. Accinni
Science Fiction
32 books — 27 voters

Holly Black
Yeah, the whole family knows. It's no big deal. One night at dinner I said, 'Mom, you know the forbidden love that Spock has for Kirk? Well, me too.' It was easier for her to understand that way.
Holly Black, Tithe

Christy Leigh Stewart
Ambition is a funny thing. It’s like being a Trekkie in that if you admit to it, those around you are mock supportive of your confidence but are quick to call you a loser behind your back. Or maybe that’s the opposite of being a Trekkie.
Christy Leigh Stewart

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Tales of the Fallen: 49th Marine Strike Group
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