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Veiled Empire (Sundered World #1)
A Pocket Full of Lies
Atonement (Star Trek: Voyager)
Acts of Contrition (Star Trek: Voyager)
No Time Like the Past
Protectors (Star Trek: Voyager)
Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary
The Ark (The Ark Trilogy, Book 1)
The Eternal Tide
Children of the Storm (Star Trek: Voyager)
Caretaker (Star Trek Voyager, #1)
The Escape
Ragnarok (Star Trek Voyager, #3)
The Final Fury (Star Trek Voyager, #9; Invasion, #4)
Mosaic (Star Trek: Voyager)
Homecoming (Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming #1)
Full Circle (Star Trek: Voyager)
Unworthy (Star Trek: Voyager)
The Farther Shore (Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming, #2)
Ghost of a Chance (Star Trek: Voyager, #7)
Incident at Arbuk
Spirit Walk (Star Trek: Voyager; Spirit Walk, #1)
The Murdered Sun
Seven of Nine
The Eternal Tide by Kirsten BeyerMosaic by Jeri TaylorPathways by Jeri TaylorFull Circle by Kirsten BeyerCaretaker by L.A. Graf
Best Star Trek Voyager books
26 books — 27 voters

Just Between Series by Gina L. DarttStar Trek by Lydia GastrellStar Trek by Lydia GastrellPast Imperfect by Fletcher DeLanceyThe First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology by Lori Perkins
Star Trek Fan-Fiction
20 books — 7 voters
Imzadi by Peter DavidUhura's Song by Janet KaganSpock's World by Diane DuaneYesterday's Son by A.C. CrispinThe Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah
Best Star Trek Books
323 books — 252 voters

The Way to the Stars by Una McCormackDesperate Hours by David MackDrastic Measures by Dayton WardStar Trek by Mike JohnsonStar Trek by Mike Johnson
Women of Star Trek
78 books — 4 voters

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A book is a journey. Journeys need their voyagers, and voyagers require a diversity of scenes; experiences.
Pablito Greco

Carl Sagan
Billions of years from now our sun, then a distended red giant star, will have reduced Earth to a charred cinder. But the Voyager record will still be largely intact, in some other remote region of the Milky Way galaxy, preserving a murmur of an ancient civilization that once flourished — perhaps before moving on to greater deeds and other worlds — on the distant planet Earth.
Carl Sagan

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The Chieftain’s Son
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New Beginnings - A Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction
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