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The Viscount Made Me Do It (Clandestine Affairs, #2)
Cabin 1 (Steele Shadows Security, #1)
When the Stars Fall (Lost Stars #1)
Once Dishonored (Rogues Redeemed, #5)
The Duke Effect (The Rogue Files, #7)
Securing Piper (SEAL of Protection: Legacy, #3)
Securing Kalee (SEAL of Protection: Legacy #6)
Rescuing Emily (Delta Force Heroes, #2)
Rescuing Mary (Delta Force Heroes #9)
Securing Avery (SEAL of Protection: Legacy, #5)
Protecting Kiera (SEAL of Protection #9)
Code Name: Genesis (Jameson Force Security, #1)
Rescuing Wendy (Delta Force Heroes #8)
The Bachelor (Duke Dynasty, #2)
Make You Mine
The Viscount Made Me Do It (Clandestine Affairs, #2)
Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1)
Ender's Shadow (The Shadow Series, #1)
I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier
Making Faces
Monstrous Regiment (Discworld, #31; Industrial Revolution, #3)
Shadow of the Hegemon (The Shadow Series, #2)
Fighting Redemption
Shadow Puppets (The Shadow Series, #3)
The Yellow Birds
Dear Aaron
Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, #1)
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
The Forever War (The Forever War, #1)
Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1)
Full Measures (Flight & Glory, #1)

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Vladimir Nabokov
Nowadays you have to be a scientist if you want to be a killer. No, no, I was neither. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the majority of sex offenders that hanker for some throbbing, sweet-moaning, physical but not necessarily coital, relation with a girl-child, are innocuous, inadequate, passive, timid strangers who merely ask the community to allow them to pursue their practically harmless, so-called aberrant behavior, their little hot wet private acts of sexual deviation without the police an ...more
Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Orson Scott Card
Soldiers can sometimes make decisions that are smarter than the orders they've been given. ...more
Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

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Rages of The Night
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The Wall
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