Sex Work

Sex work is an exchange of sexual services, performances, or products for material compensation, including direct and indirect sexual stimulation. It includes types of prostitution, exotic dancing, phone sex, and performing in adult films, as well as other potentially lesser-known forms of sex work. Sex work is often confused with human/sex trafficking. While they are similar, there are differences--the main one is that sex work is voluntary, while trafficking is not.

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Chester Brown
Feminists have accepted that choice is possible when it comes to a different, difficult subject: abortion. The feminist position (and I agree with it) is that women own their bodies and therefore each woman has the right to choose to get an abortion if she gets pregnant. This is called being "pro-choice". Feminists should be consistent on the subject of choice. If a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion, she should also have the right to choose to have sex for money. It's her body; i ...more
Chester Brown, Paying for It

I saw a documentary about prostitution in Holland a few years ago, that said over there health insurance actually pays for monthly visits to a prostitute for the disabled, because they feel that sex is part of a healthy life, so unmarried disabled men have a right to have sex, even if it's with a paid prostitute. Pretty bizarre, huh? Can you imagine a US health insurance company picking up the bill for your romp in the hay with a hooker?
Oliver Markus Malloy

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