Real Person Fiction

'Real person fiction', or 'real people fiction' (RPF) is a type of fan fiction featuring celebrities or other real people in a fictional setting. The genre includes stories about actors, athletes, comedians, historical figures, musicians, newsworthy people, reality show contestants, to the fans themselves.

Do I Seem Bulletproof to You?
The Seahorse (The Seahorse, #1)
Marry Me a Little (Married Verse, #1)
The Other Einstein
Smile for the Camera
Taken By the Sea
Heart in Hand
Star Struck
The Uncommon Reader
Get Some [Ink]
Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor (Jane Austen Mysteries, #1)
The Doors of Time (The Doors of Time #1)
The Master
To the Edge of the World: Book III

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