Almost Human: The Astonishing Tale of Homo naledi and the Discovery That Changed Our Human Story
Cafe Neandertal: Excavating Our Past in One of Europe's Most Ancient Places
Bonesetter 2 -winter- (Bonesetter, #2)
Obsidian and Stars (Ivory and Bone, #2)
The Last Neanderthal
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal (Lucy & Andy Neanderthal, #1)
People of the Canyons: A Novel of North America's Forgotten Past
Why Dinosaurs Matter
The Wolf's Boy
Sleepover at the Museum
The Dinosaur Expert
The Dinosaur Knights (The Dinosaur Lords, #2)
Tek: The Modern Cave Boy
Oona Finds an Egg (The Oodlethunks, Book 1)
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children #1)
The Valley of Horses (Earth's Children, #2)
The Mammoth Hunters (Earth's Children #3)
The Plains of Passage (Earth's Children #4)
The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children #5)
The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children #6)
Mother Earth Father Sky (Ivory Carver, #1)
Transcendence (Transcendence, #1)
She Who Remembers (Time Circle, #1)
The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives by Alan TurnerMammoths, Sabertooths, and Hominids by Jordi AgustíSabertooth by Mauricio AntónDogs by Xiaoming WangThe Cave Bear Story by Björn Kurtén
Prehistoric Mammals in Nonfiction
40 books — 17 voters

Underworld by Graham HancockForbidden History by J. Douglas KenyonThe Aquatic Ape Hypothesis by Elaine MorganThe Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. CremoTechnology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress
Origins of Man
26 books — 5 voters
End of the Megafauna by Ross D.E. MacPheeEurope by Tim FlanneryWhen Life Nearly Died by Michael J. BentonWonderful Life by Stephen Jay GouldAnimals of a Bygone Era by Maja Säfström
18 books — 4 voters

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Stephen BrusatteThe Ancestor's Tale by Richard DawkinsWonderful Life by Stephen Jay GouldTrilobite by Richard ForteyOnce & Future Giants by Sharon Levy
Learn about prehistoric life
47 books — 39 voters
Predators of Eden by D.W. VogelDragon Dawn by Deborah O'Neill CordesJurassic Park by Michael CrichtonThe Lost World by Michael CrichtonThe Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle
Books involving Dinosaurs
91 books — 92 voters

Harriet Prescott Spofford
Can you say those words and not like it? Don't it bring to you a magnificent picture of the pristine world, - great seas and other skies, - a world of accentuated crises, that sloughed off age after age, and rose fresher from each plunge? Don't you see, or long to see, that mysterious magic tree out of whose pores oozed this fine solidified sunshine? What leaf did it have? What blossom? What great wind shivered its branches? Was it a giant on a lonely coast, or thick low growth blistered in ravi ...more
Harriet Prescott Spofford, The Amber Gods and Other Stories

What's it mean; are you determined To make modern all mankind? If so, you should be be-sermoned And brought back to healthy mind. ...more
Charles C. Abbott

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Rock the Cradle
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Dinosaur Lake- 1st of the Dinosaur Lake Series by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
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