A police force is a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.

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The Madness of Crowds (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #17)
Bloodless (Pendergast, #20)
Fallen (Kate Burkholder, #13)
A Good Day for Chardonnay (Sunshine Vicram, #2)
The Heron's Cry (Two Rivers, #2)
Bloodless (Pendergast, #20)
In Her Tracks (Tracy Crosswhite, #8)
21st Birthday (Women's Murder Club, #21)
Ocean Prey (Lucas Davenport #31)
Drown Her Sorrows (Bree Taggert, #3)
In the Clearing (Tracy Crosswhite, #3)
A Cold Trail (Tracy Crosswhite, #7)
Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31)
See Her Die (Bree Taggert #2)
Faithless in Death (In Death, #52)
A Deadly Influence (Abby Mullen Thrillers, #1)
Close to Home (Tracy Crosswhite, #5)
A Steep Price (Tracy Crosswhite, #6)
Fallen (Kate Burkholder, #13)
Rivers of London (Rivers of London, #1)
Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, #1)
The Black Echo (Harry Bosch, #1; Harry Bosch Universe, #1)
Naked in Death (In Death #1)
The Hate U Give (The Hate U Give, #1)
The Black Ice (Harry Bosch, #2; Harry Bosch Universe, #2)
Pop Goes the Weasel (Alex Cross, #5)
The Concrete Blonde (Harry Bosch, #3; Harry Bosch Universe, #3)
Rapture in Death (In Death, #4)
Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross, #2)
The Poet (Jack McEvoy, #1; Harry Bosch Universe, #5)
Law Man (Dream Man, #3)
Trunk Music (Harry Bosch, #5; Harry Bosch Universe, #6)
Cross (Alex Cross, #12)
Immortal in Death (In Death, #3)
Something About You by Julie JamesMr. Perfect by Linda HowardNaked in Death by J.D. RobbA Lot like Love by Julie JamesDream Man by Linda Howard
Best Police Romances
317 books — 324 voters

We Do This 'til We Free Us by Mariame KabaBeyond Survival by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samara...Captive Genders by Eric A. StanleyCarceral Capitalism by Jackie WangThe End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale
Police Abolition
126 books — 9 voters
The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLanceyCatalyst by Fletcher DeLanceyWithout a Front by Fletcher DeLanceyWithout A Front by Fletcher DeLanceyBackwards to Oregon by Jae
Best Lesbian Stories
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Spy by David WiseSpy... for Nobody! Sixteen Years in the Syrian Intelligence by Basel Saneeb باسل صنيبKillers of the Flower Moon by David GrannThe Threat by Andrew G. McCabeThe Unexpected Spy by Tracy Walder
Best FBI Nonfiction
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Chasing Fire by Nora RobertsInto The Unknown by Lorna PeelThe Goodwill Gesture by K.C. McKayHover by Anne A. WilsonThings You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center
I Love a Woman in Uniform
125 books — 49 voters

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Mark M. Bello
If Jack Dylan was Captain Ahab, Bart Breitner was Moby Dick. Jack felt exhilarated, as Ahab must have felt when he finally encountered the great white. He would approach with caution and test the waters. He was alone, and he sensed extreme danger, but this was a tremendous opportunity that he could not pass up.
Mark M. Bello, Betrayal In Blue

Hidekaz Himaruya
In this world . . . It's Heaven when: The French are chefs The British are police The Germans are engineers The Swiss are bankers And the Italians are lovers It's Hell when: The English are chefs The Germans are police The French are engineers The Swiss are lovers And the Italians are bankers. ...more
Hidekaz Himaruya, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 2

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Within the Law by Chelle Cordero
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