Paranormal Mystery

A paranormal mystery is a mystery that contains paranormal elements, either in the protagonist or the society. This includes anything from witches, angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, psychics, mediums, and ghosts. Usually Paranormal mysteries are cozy mysteries or part of the Gothic Mystery genre.

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The Lady Has a Past (Burning Cove, #5)
Purrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5)
The Other Emily
The Lady Has a Past (Burning Cove, #5)
Dark, Witch & Creamy (Bewitched by Chocolate #1)
Fate Actually (Moonstone Cove, #2)
Suddenly Psychic (Glimmer Lake, #1)
Haunting Charlie (Witches of Palmetto Point #1)
All the Colors of Night (Fogg Lake #2)
Witching for Clarity (Premonition Pointe, #4)
Magic and the Shinigami Detective (The Case Files of Henri Davenforth, #1)
Dragons Don't Eat Meat (Valkyrie Bestiary #1)
Manners and Monsters (Manners and Monsters, #1)
The Banshee Brouhaha (Charlie Rhodes #8)
The Bigfoot Blunder (Charlie Rhodes, #1)
The Vanishing (Fogg Lake #1)
Beguiled (Betwixt & Between #3)
Secondhand Spirits (A Witchcraft Mystery, #1)
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Mystery, #1)
What's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mystery, #1)
Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, #1)
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)
Hexes and Hemlines (A Witchcraft Mystery, #3)
Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1)
A Cast-Off Coven (A Witchcraft Mystery, #2)
It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery, #1)
Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly, #2)
Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye Mystery, #2)
An Ice Cold Grave (Harper Connelly, #3)
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1)
Brownies and Broomsticks (A Magical Bakery Mystery, #1)
The Trouble With Magic (A Bewitching Mystery, #1)
Sullivan's Secret by Robin  MurphySecret of the Big Easy by Robin  Murphy
Sullivan's Secret
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Hazel Butler
The past had already been dealt with, to one end or another, it was certain, fixed, the horror of it was already over. For the living at least. They grieved, yes, but they were not trapped in the terror of the moment. Not so for my poor, elegant wraiths. They were like the old-fashioned zoetropes you find at the seaside: a tiny slice of a world in a box, brief yet somehow also eternal.
Hazel Butler, Chasing Azrael

You and I. We’re going back. People are dying because of this beast. It must be stopped. And we will take the dragon this time, and water the ground with its blood.
Ruth Ford Elward, Dragonslayer No More? (Paranormal Mystery, Suspense and Drama, Epic Adventure)

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