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Young-adult fiction (often abbreviated as YA) is fiction written for, published for, or marketed to adolescents and young adults, roughly ages 13 to 18.

Young-adult fiction, whether in the form of novels or short stories, has distinct attributes that distinguish it from the other age categories of fiction. The vast majority of YA stories portray an adolescent as the protagonist, rather than an adult or a child. The subject matter and story lines are typically consistent with the age and experience of the main character, but beyond that YA stories span the entire spectrum of fiction genres. The

New Releases Tagged "Young Adult"

The Beautiful (The Beautiful, #1)
The Fountains of Silence
The Grace Year
Rebel (Legend, #4)
Fireborne (The Aurelian Cycle, #1)
Crier's War (Crier's War, #1)
The Never Tilting World (The Never Tilting World, #1)
The End and Other Beginnings: Stories from the Future
I Hope You Get This Message
Into the Crooked Place (Into the Crooked Place, #1)
Gravemaidens (Gravemaidens, #1)
A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, #1)
Now Entering Addamsville
War Girls (War Girls, #1)
10 Blind Dates
The Library of Lost Things
The Furies
I Know You Remember
Beyond the Black Door
Tarnished Are the Stars
Full Disclosure
The Bookworm Crush
Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All
The Good Luck Girls (The Good Luck Girls, #1)
Shadow Frost (Shadow Frost, #1)
The Last True Poets of the Sea
Black Canary: Ignite
Scars Like Wings
The Speed of Falling Objects
The Light at the Bottom of the World (Light the Abyss, #1)
Conceal, Don't Feel
How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse (The Thorne Chronicles, #1)
Michigan vs. the Boys
Forgotten (House of Night Other World, #3)
Resurrection Girls
When You Ask Me Where I'm Going
The Memory Thief
In the Hall with the Knife (Clue Mystery, #1)
Words on Fire
Glow of the Fireflies
All the Things We Do in the Dark
Heart of the Moors: An Original Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Novel
Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters
Orpheus Girl
The Athena Protocol
The Places I've Cried in Public
Girls Like Us
Furious Thing
By Any Means Necessary
Our Year in Love and Parties
Crownbreaker (Spellslinger, #6)
Our Wayward Fate
Hazel's Theory of Evolution
Wayward Son (Simon Snow, #2)
The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Serpent & Dove (Serpent & Dove, #1)
Frankly in Love (Frankly in Love, #1)
There Will Come a Darkness (The Age of Darkness, #1)
The Girl the Sea Gave Back (Sky in the Deep)
The Bone Houses
Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #4)
The Tenth Girl
Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)
The Lady Rogue
Rules for Vanishing
A Treason of Thorns
Loki: Where Mischief Lies
Angel Mage
Permanent Record
The Babysitters Coven (The Babysitters Coven, #1)
The Harp of Kings (Warrior Bards, #1)
The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan
Sword and Pen (The Great Library, #5)
Steel Crow Saga
His Hideous Heart
The Infinite Noise
Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
Steel Tide (Seafire, #2)
The Deathless Girls
Unpregnant (Unpregnant, #1)
The Hive
Suggested Reading
Chilling Effect (Chilling Effect, #1)
Butterfly Yellow
Verify (Verify #1)
We Are Lost and Found
Are You Listening?
A Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2)
Life Is Short and Then You Die
A Match Made in Mehendi
Six Goodbyes We Never Said
Rebel Girls
Who Put This Song On?
When She Reigns (Fallen Isles, #3)
We Speak in Storms

Suzanne Collins
We could do it, you know." "What?" "Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it.
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Cassandra Clare
I should have guessed you were Jace's sister," he said. "You both have the same artistic talent." Clary paused, her foot on the lowest stair. She was taken aback. "Jace can draw?" Nah." When Alec smiled, his eyes lit like blue lamps and Clary could see what Magnus had found so captivating about him. "I was just kidding. He can't draw a straight line.
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

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