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Young-adult fiction (often abbreviated as YA) is fiction written for, published for, or marketed to adolescents and young adults, roughly ages 13 to 18.

Young-adult fiction, whether in the form of novels or short stories, has distinct attributes that distinguish it from the other age categories of fiction. The vast majority of YA stories portray an adolescent as the protagonist, rather than an adult or a child. The subject matter and story lines are typically consistent with the age and experience of the main character, but beyond that YA stories span the entire spectrum of fiction genres. The

New Releases Tagged "Young Adult"

If You Could See the Sun
Greywaren (Dreamer Trilogy, #3)
Seasparrow (Graceling Realm, #5)
A Scatter of Light
Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove
Strike the Zither (Kingdom of Three, #1)
The Whispering Dark
Dark Room Etiquette
Princess of Souls
Pretty Dead Queens
Love from Mecca to Medina
The Christmas Clash
The Restless Dark
Man Made Monsters
The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond
Nothing Sung and Nothing Spoken
How to Heal a Gryphon
After Dark with Roxie Clark
Prince of Song & Sea (Princes, #1)
When the Angels Left the Old Country
Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller
The Empress of Time (The Keeper of Night, #2)
I Miss You, I Hate This
The Last Hope in Hopetown
By the Time You Read This I'll Be Gone (Murder, She Wrote, #1)
Twelfth Grade Night
Eight Nights of Flirting
Numb to This: Memoir of a Mass Shooting
The Sevenfold Hunters (#1)
Sixteen Souls
The Art of Insanity
Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck Things
The Truth About Everything
The Scratch Daughters (Scapegracers, #2)
Monarch Rising
Road of the Lost
A Seed in the Sun
Spirit Week
Anne of Greenville
The Nightland Express
The Lords of Night (Shadow Bruja, #1)
Blood Moon Prophecy (Legend of the Nyx, #1)
The Wolves Are Watching
The Edge of Being
Where the Lost Ones Go
Flight 171
Into the Glades
Tell Me No Lies
We Are the Scribes
Beneath the Wide Silk Sky
Dark Tides (Kingdom of Bones Trilogy, #2)
Side Effects
The Confidant (Eden Falls Academy, #4)
A House Unsettled
Foul Lady Fortune (Foul Lady Fortune, #1)
The Sunbearer Trials (The Sunbearer Duology, #1)
The Weight of Blood
As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow
I'm the Girl
The Gathering Dark: An Anthology of Folk Horror
Monsters Born and Made
Spells for Lost Things
Eternally Yours
Last of the Talons (Talon, #1)
The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers
Well, That Was Unexpected
How to Succeed in Witchcraft
Miss Peregrine's Museum of Wonders
Bone Weaver
Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix
Funeral Girl
The Killing Code
Rust in the Root
Shades of Rust and Ruin (Shades of Rust and Ruin, #1)
Our Shadows Have Claws: 15 Latin American Monster Stories
Almost There (Twisted Tales)
The Getaway
It Looks Like Us
Secrets So Deep
Aces Wild: A Heist
Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade (Enola Holmes, #8)
The Sacrifice
Blood of Troy (Daughter of Sparta, #2)
Forestfall (World at the Lake's Edge, #2)
Meet Me in Mumbai
The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen
Destination Unknown
Lark & Kasim Start a Revolution
The Gingerbread Witch
The Depths
VAMPS: Fresh Blood

Michelle Hodkin
What would you do if I kissed you right now?" I stared at his beautiful face and his beautiful mouth and I wanted nothing more than to taste it. "I would kiss you back. ...more
Michelle Hodkin, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

I'm oxygen and he's dying to breathe. ...more
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

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