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Sports : engagement in physical activity intended to create a benefit to the participant. Ranging from Amateur to Professional, from incompetent to proficient, for all levels of ability, all nations, all creeds, all genders. As James Joyce said "I am, a stride at a time"

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Jock Row (Jock Hard, #1)
Melt for You (Slow Burn, #2)
One Baby Daddy (Dating by Numbers, #3)
Marek (Cold Fury Hockey, #11)
Valley Girls
Hooked On You (Chicago Rebels, #4)
The Game Can't Love You Back
Everywhere You Want to Be
Pick Six (Mavericks Tackle Love, #2)
Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History
Fence #6 (Fence, #6)
Out of Left Field
Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica
Dominick's Secret Baby (The Promise They Made, #1)
Dirty Player (Back to You, #2)
Last Defense (Harrisburg Railers #5)
On the Ice (Stick Side, #1)
The Princess Deception
Carry and Drag (Open Wounds, #1)
Alton's Secret Baby (The Promise They Made, #2)
Boy Bites Bug
Jim Brown: Last Man Standing
I Dare You (The Hook Up, #1)
The Hardest Fall
Misadventures of a Rookie (Misadventures, #11)
Something So Unscripted
The Best Man (Alpha Men, #2)
Loser's Bracket
Things That Make White People Uncomfortable
Jag (Diablo’s Throne, #2)
Execution (Off Balance, #2)
Royally Pucked
Score (Men of Hidden Creek)
End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood
Fence Vol. 1
Fence #5 (Fence, #5)
Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword
The World's Worst Boyfriend (Bad Boyfriend, #1)
My Kinda Player  (Summer Sisters #5)
Serve (The Men of Hidden Creek)
On the Line (Milwaukee Dragons, #1)
I Got It!
Clutch (Significant Brothers, #5)
Medley (Changing Lanes, #2)
Rise: Surviving the Fight of My Life
Big Man
Play for Keeps (Love Games, #2)
ハイキュー!! 31 [Haikyū!! 31]
Love Lessons (Opposites Attract #5)
Rocks and Stars

Evan Slater
Evan Slater Swell: A Year of Waves
His Favorite Books About Surfing: Ocean-bound this summer? Catch a monster ride with these selections from the big-wave surfer and author of Swell: A Year of Waves.
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Rodney Dangerfield
I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.
Rodney Dangerfield

Michael Jordan
I've never lost a game I just ran out of time.
Michael Jordan, For the Love of the Game

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