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Sports : engagement in physical activity intended to create a benefit to the participant. Ranging from Amateur to Professional, from incompetent to proficient, for all levels of ability, all nations, all creeds, all genders. As James Joyce said "I am, a stride at a time"

New Releases Tagged "Sports"

Defying Gravity
First and Forever (Heartache Duet, #2)
The Penalty Box (Vancouver Wolves Hockey, #3)
Dax (Arizona Vengeance, #4)
This Is Wild
Stealing Home
Good Guy (Rookie Rebels, #1)
Falling from Gravity (Gravity, #1.5)
Interference (St. Michaels Duet, #1)
Victor (Chicago Blaze, #3)
In It to Win It (Wynn Hockey, #2)
A King in Wonderland (Happily Ever Asher, #3)
Warm Heart (Search and Rescue, #1)
Home Field Advantage (Milwaukee Dragons, #3)
Girls of Summer (Girls of Summer, #5)
Another Dance
A Girl Called Genghis Khan: How Maria Toorpakai Wazir Pretended to Be a Boy, Defied the Taliban, and Became a World Famous Squash Player
Teardrop Shot
The Locker Room
Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, #1)
Heartache and Hope (Heartache Duet, #1)
Superfan (Brooklyn, #3)
The Friend Zone
Kickin' It (Red Card, #2)
This Is Crazy
Cry Baby
The Marriage Effect (Washington Wolves #3)
The Perfect Date
Game On (The Ballers of Rockport High, #1)
Ace of Hearts
Power Play (BTU Alumni, #1)
Changing Lines (Bellevue Bullies, #5)
When Red Cried Wolf (Happily Ever Asher, #1)
Sin Shot: A Hockey Love Story (Vegas Crush, #2)
Seven Shades of You (Twin Hearts, #2)
Golden Boy and the Two Bears (Happily Ever Asher, #2)
Big Puck (Size Matters #6)
Broken Play (Sugar Land Saints #2)
Save the Date (Harrisburg Railers #9)
In Waves
A Story Like Ours (Love Story Duet, #2)
Jared (Las Vegas Sidewinders)
Sumo Joe
ハイキュー!! 38 [Haikyū!! 38]
Smokin' Joe: The Life of Joe Frazier
Courting Kate (Panther Player #1)

Babe Ruth
Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
Babe Ruth

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