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Horror fiction is fiction in any medium intended to scare, unsettle, or horrify the audience. Historically, the cause of the "horror" experience has often been the intrusion of a supernatural element into everyday human experience. Since the 1960s, any work of fiction with a morbid, gruesome, surreal, or exceptionally suspenseful or frightening theme has come to be called "horror". Horror fiction often overlaps science fiction or fantasy, all three of which categories are sometimes placed under the umbrella classification speculative fiction. ...more

New Releases Tagged "Horror"

The Blacktongue Thief (Blacktongue, #1)
The Whispering Dead (Gravekeeper, #1)
The Lights of Prague
The Skeleton Tree
The Apocalypse Seven
Level Zero: A Nightmare in Riverton Novel
All My Darkest Impulses (House of Crows, #1)
The Broken God (The Black Iron Legacy, #3)
Fog Descending (House of Crows, #2)
Paradox Lake
Love the Way You Lie (House of Crows, #4)
Circling the Drain (House of Crows, #3)
Howls From Hell
Prom House
Gumdrop Angel: An AFK Book (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights #8)
Outcast, Vol. 8: The Merged
The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire (Skulduggery Pleasant)
Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy
Screams from the Void
Within Without (John Nyquist #4)
Stranger Things: Science Camp
亜人 17 (Ajin: Demi-Human, #17)
Far From Home
Bodies: A Romantic Bloodbath
Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp
Dark Farm
Beyond the Book of Eibon
The Dark Magazine, Issue 72: May 2021
House of Hollow
The Drowning Kind
Blessed Monsters (Something Dark and Holy, #3)
The Mary Shelley Club
Whisper Down the Lane
Near the Bone
The Helm of Midnight (The Five Penalties, #1)
Mina and the Undead
Poison Priestess (Lady Slayers, #2)
Sixteen Horses
Gideon Falls, Vol. 6: The End
Composite Creatures
A Natural History of Transition
とつくにの少女 11 [Totsukuni no shōjo 11]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 5: The Biggest Bad
The Night Library of Sternendach
The Between
Such Pretty Things
Aliens: Infiltrator
The Hatak Witches
Lonely Receiver
The Paradox Twins
Hellblazer: Rise and Fall
The Silver Coin #1
Chopping Spree
Alien #2
Shadow Service Vol. 1
The Silence That Binds
Tales of Yog-Sothoth
Proctor Valley Road #2
Home Sick Pilots #5
Nocturnas. Historias vampíricas
Abbott: 1973 #4
The Autumnal #6
Death House
Nightmare Magazine, Issue 104 (May 2021)
Lewat Tengah Malam - Ganjil

Ryan Mecum
Blood is really warm, it's like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming. ...more
Ryan Mecum, Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your...Brains

Stephen King
We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.
Stephen King

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