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A comic book or comicbook, also called comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes. Panels are often accompanied by brief descriptive prose and written narrative, usually dialog contained in word balloons emblematic of the comics art form.

New Releases Tagged "Comics"

Lumberjanes, Vol. 5: Band Together
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 6: Civil War II (Ms. Marvel, Volume III & IV, #6)
The Legend of Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Origins
Batman, Volume 10: Epilogue
Descender, Volume Three: Singularities
One Week in the Library
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Volume 4: I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It
Archie, Vol. 2
I Hate Fairyland, Volume 2: Fluff My Life
Spider-Gwen, Vol. 2: Weapon of Choice
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Own It (Season 10, #6)
Saga #41
Tomie: Complete Deluxe Edition
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, Volume 2: Don't Stop Me-Ow
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 2: Cosmic Cooties
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1
Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 2: Civil War II
Silk, Volume 2: The Negative
Captain America: Steve Rogers, Volume 1: Hail Hydra
Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 9: Gordon at War
DC Universe: Rebirth, Omnibus
Birthright, Vol. 4: Family History
The Ultimates: Omniversal, Volume 2: Civil War II
The Complete Chi's Sweet Home, Part 4
Manifest Destiny, Vol. 4: Sasquatch
Baltimore, Vol. 7: Empty Graves
Overwatch #10: Reflections
Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 5: A Savage End
Bloodshot Reborn: Deluxe Edition, Book 1
Uncanny Inhumans, Volume 3: Civil War II
Poe Dameron #9
Martian Manhunter, Volume 2: The Red Rising
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Volume 2: Under New Management
Spidey, Volume 2: After-School Special
Nova: The Human Rocket, Volume 2: Afterburn
Superman: Action Comics, Volume 9: Last Rites
Jem and The Misfits (The Misfits, #1)
Descender #17
Gamora #1
Providence #11
X-O Manowar, Volume 12: Long Live the King
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #13
The Resident Tourist (Part 8)
Dragonero n. 43: L'orrore di Teoan
Paper Girls, Vol. 2
Queer: A Graphic History
It's All Absolutely Fine
DC Universe: Rebirth, The Deluxe Edition
The Vision, Volume 2: Little Better than a Beast
Gotham Academy, Vol. 3: Yearbook
Ody-C: Cycle One
Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years
Darth Vader, Vol 4: End of Games
Superman: The Final Days of Superman
Moon Knight, Volume 1: Lunatic
Girl Over Paris: The Graphic Novel
A.D. After Death, Book One
She Wolf, Volume 1
Deadpool V Gambit: The "V" is for "Vs."
Nailbiter, Volume 5: Bound by Blood
How to Survive in the North
The Mighty Thor, Volume 2: Lords of Midgard
International Iron Man, Volume 1
Faith, Volume 2: California Scheming
Guardians of the Galaxy: New Guard, Volume 2: Wanted
Laid Waste
Black Canary, Volume 2: New Killer Star
New Suicide Squad, Volume 4: Kill Anything
The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 26: Comics & Stories
The Flash, Volume 9: Full Stop
Uncanny X-Men: Superior, Volume 2: Apocalypse Wars
Les Dinosaures (Love, #4)
Tomb Raider, Vol 1.: Spore (Tomb Raider II)
Howard the Duck, Volume 2: Good Night, and Good Duck
Poe Dameron #8
The Flash, By Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato: Omnibus
Star Trek, Volume 13
Ether #1 (Ether, #1)
Bad Machinery Volume 6: The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor
Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion
Violent Love #1
Inhumans/X-Men: War of Kings: Omnibus
Pink Panther, Volume 1
Carnage, Volume 2: World Tour
Rai, Volume 4: 4001 A.D.
Venom: Space Knight, Volume 2: Enemies And Allies
Peanuts Every Sunday: 1966-1970
Kabuki Library Volume 4
The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane
Injustice: Ground Zero (2016-) #5
Jingle Belle: The Whole Package!
Squadron Supreme, Volume 2: Civil War II
Art Ops: Popism
Drifter, Volume 3: Lit by Fire
Jade Street Protection Services 2 (Jade Street Protection Services, #2)
Stephan's Web: A Pearls Before Swine Collection
Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte #2
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #12
El bebé verde. Infancia, transexualidad y héroes del pop. Prólogo de Virginie Despentes
Vampirella: Hollywood Horror

Chris Ware
Chris Ware Building Stories
His Favorite Concept Books: The cartoonist shares his favorite books that come in unique packages, not unlike his new graphic boxed set, Building Stories.
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For some folks death is release, and for others death is an abomination, a terrible thing. But in the end, I'm there for all of them.
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Comics are a gateway drug to literacy.
Art Spiegelman

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