Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars were a series of major conflicts pitting the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against a fluctuating array of European powers formed into various coalitions, financed and usually led by Great Britain.

Master and Commander (Aubrey & Maturin, #1)
War and Peace
Waterloo: The True Story of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles
Sharpe's Eagle (Sharpe, #8)
Sharpe's Tiger (Sharpe, #1)
His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire, #1)
Post Captain
Sharpe's Rifles (Sharpe, #6)
Sharpe's Gold (Sharpe, #9)
Sharpe's Havoc (Sharpe, #7)
Sharpe's Fury (Sharpe, #11)
Sharpe's Prey (Sharpe, #5)
Sharpe's Trafalgar (Sharpe, #4)
Sharpe's Siege (Sharpe, #18)
H.M.S. Surprise
The English soldier was probably the worst-treated soldier in Europe, and judging from the English casualty rates during the Napoleonic wars, English generals were more lavish with their soldiers' lives than were their French and German colleagues.
J. Christopher Herold, The Age of Napoleon

Leo Tolstoy
In the legal respect, after the execution of the supposed incendiaries, the other half of Moscow burned down.
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

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