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A graphic novel is a narrative work in which the story is conveyed to the reader using sequential art in either an experimental design or in a traditional comics format. The term is employed in a broad manner, encompassing non-fiction works and thematically linked short stories as well as fictional stories across a number of genres.
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Most Read This Week Tagged "Graphic Novels"

Gender Queer
Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands
Jessi's Secret Language
Garlic and the Witch
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me
Big Shot (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #16)
Paper Girls, Volume 3
Monstress, Vol. 7: Devourer
New Kid (New Kid, #1)
Enemies (Berrybrook Middle School #4)
約束のネバーランド 2 [Yakusoku no Neverland 2]
AFTER: The Graphic Novel (Volume One)
Big Nate: The Gerbil Ate My Homework
Fantastic Four: Full Circle
Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14)
Guts (Smile, #3)
モノトーン・ブルー [Monotone Blue]
Saga, Volume 8
鬼滅の刃 20 (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #20)
鬼滅の刃 23 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 23] (鬼滅の刃 [Kimetsu no Yaiba], #23)
鬼滅の刃 11 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 11] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #11)
Liv Strömquists astrologi
鬼滅の刃 22 (Kimetsu no yaiba, #22)
極主夫道 8 [Gokushufudō 8] (極主夫道 [Gokushufudō], #8)
鬼滅の刃 21 (Kimetsu no yaiba, #21)
鬼滅の刃 18 (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #18)
血の轍 1 [Chi no Wadachi 1] (Blood on the Tracks, #1)
The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel
Clementine, Book One
Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven (Teen Titans, #3)
とんがり帽子のアトリエ 9 [Tongari Boushi no Atelier 9] (Witch Hat Atelier, #9)
Komi Can't Communicate, Vol. 3
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Vol 1 (Otakoi: Otaku Can't Fall in Love?!)
ゆびさきと恋々 4 [Yubisaki to Renren 4] (A Sign of Affection, #4)
On a Sunbeam
呪術廻戦 20 [Jujutsu Kaisen 20] (呪術廻戦 [Jujutsu Kaisen], #20)
Blank 133x176
The Tryout
Christina Soontornvat
Blue Flag, Vol. 1
極主夫道 1 [Gokushufudō 1] (極主夫道 [Gokushufudō], #1)
Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose
Art Matters
Balada para Sophie
ゆびさきと恋々 3 [Yubisaki to Renren 3] (A Sign of Affection, #3)
Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron
約束のネバーランド 12 [Yakusoku no Neverland 12]
The Sandman
Solo Leveling 04 (Solo Leveling, Manhwa #4)
Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye
Kristy and the Snobs
Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend
Crunch (Click, #5)
A Sign of Affection, Vol. 2 (A Sign of Affection #2)
血の轍 3 [Chi no Wadachi 3] (Blood on the Tracks, #3)
The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy, #2)
SAKAMOTO DAYS 1 (Sakamoto Days, #1)
The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Pilu of the Woods
SAKAMOTO DAYS 2 (Sakamoto Days, #2)
Dawn and the Impossible Three
Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation
Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives
DCeased: Dead Planet
A Side Character's Love Story, Vol. 2 (A Side Character's Love Story, #2)
Cat + Gamer, Volume 1
血の轍 2 [Chi no Wadachi 2] (Blood on the Tracks, #2)
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Vol. 6
Boys Run the Riot, Vol. 1
Revenge of the Librarians
Dog Man: Mothering Heights (Dog Man, #10)
The Sad Ghost Club, Vol. 2
おじさまと猫 6 [Ojisama to Neko 6] (A Man and His Cat, #6)
僕のヒーローアカデミア 28 [Boku no Hero Academia 28] (My Hero Academia, #28)
ゆびさきと恋々 5 [Yubisaki to Renren 5] (A Sign of Affection, #5)
The Passageway
消えた初恋 5 [Kieta Hatsukoi 5] (消えた初恋 [Kieta Hatsukoi], #5)
とんがり帽子のアトリエ 10 [Tongari Boushi no Atelier 10] (Witch Hat Atelier, #10)
Batman '89
The Human Target Volume 1
Sacrées Sorcières
僕のヒーローアカデミア 35 [Boku No Hero Academia 35] (My Hero Academia, #35)
Bloodmoon Huntress: A Graphic Novel (The Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #2)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Deserted Island Diary, Vol. 1
葬送のフリーレン 2 [Sousou no Frieren 2] (Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, #2)
僕のヒーローアカデミア 29 [Boku no Hero Academia 29] (My Hero Academia, #29)
Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, Vol. 5
Open Wide and Say Arrrgh! (The Bad Guys #15)
Rooster Fighter, Vol. 1
Other Ever Afters: New Queer Fairy Tales
Keeping Two
血の轍 11 [Chi no Wadachi 11] (Blood on the Tracks, #11)
葬送のフリーレン 3 [Sousou no Frieren 3] (Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, #3)
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series, Vol. 1: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour
Star Wars: Crimson Reign
消えた初恋 4 [Kieta Hatsukoi 4] (消えた初恋 [Kieta Hatsukoi], #4)

Neil Gaiman
There are a number of paths that lead to this place. I have been avoiding them for some small time, now.
Neil Gaiman, Brief Lives

You heard me. A creature from another world, a dark world, lurks the halls of Hellgate, tormenting victims at will. A grotesque, gnarled, twisted creature, with thick iron stakes impaled into its body, whip marks across its chest and back-- the beast got inside my brain.
J.B. Lion, The Seventh Spark: Volume One – Knights of the Trinity

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