Money Management

Money management is the process of managing money which includes expense tracking, investment, budgeting, banking and taxes. It is also called investment management.

Money management is a strategic technique employed to make money yield the highest interest-yielding value for any amount spent. Spending money to satisfy cravings (regardless of whether they can justifiably be included in a budget) is a natural human phenomenon. The idea of money management techniques has been developed to reduce the amount that individuals, firms and institutions spend on items which add no significant value to t

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Amit Kalantri
Man is smart - If money would have grown on trees, we would have used green leaves as money.
Amit Kalantri

Our culture has at its core the idea that more is better. Many of us design our lives around this belief. And yet the underlying qualities that truly affect happiness are not advanced one whit by having more material things. More peace of mind is gained by allowing ourselves to be satisfied with what we already have. More joy is not bought; it is found in our hearts.
Karen Ramsey, Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong

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