M M Shapeshifters

M/M Shapeshifters books has an intimate and/or romantic relationship between two or more men at the centre, combined with the feature of a protagonist who can change into the form of another being. The shapeshifter often turn into animals like wolves, cats and bears, or into supernatural or fantasy beings like dragons and demons.

Change of Heart (Change of Heart, #1)
Wake Me Up Inside (Mates, #1)
Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2)
Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons, #1)
Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1)
Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1)
Hell & High Water (THIRDS #1)
Wolfsong (Green Creek, #1)
Honored Vow (Change of Heart, #3)
Until Forever Comes (Mates, #2)
Blood & Thunder (THIRDS #2)
In Your Eyes (Mates, #3)
Cry Wolf by Charlie AdharaWormwood Summer by Kai ButlerDark Flame by Kat SilverOf Secrets and Wolves by Alice  WintersWonderstruck by Allie Therin
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2021
22 books — 42 voters
Wolfsong by T.J. KluneCaptive by Jex LaneFight the Tide by Keira AndrewsDemon Arms by Sadie SinsRag and Bone by K.J. Charles
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2016
42 books — 16 voters

For Real by Alexis  HallCaught Running by Madeleine UrbanDaylight Again by S.E. JakesServant With Fangs by JC ComptonDamaged by Tricia Owens
35 books — 5 voters

Kick at the Darkness by Keira AndrewsAxel's Pup by Kim DareAgainst the Grain by Charlie CochetHow to Howl at the Moon by Eli EastonHow to Walk like a Man by Eli Easton
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2015
54 books — 7 voters
A Crown of Iron & Silver by Hailey TurnerNoX by Adrienne WilderHeartsong by T.J. KluneNot Dead Yet by Jenn BurkeThe Hanged Man by K.D.  Edwards
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2019
41 books — 68 voters

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