M M Paranormal

Male/Male Romance with paranormal elements in the storyline. Can be Paranormal Romance or Fantasy with romantic elements. Paranormal Romance can be set in either contemporary or historical time periods.

A paranormal event is one that allegedly defies real world scientific explanation. Paranormal beings could be vampires, ghosts, werewolves and other shapeshifters.

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How to Run with the Wolves (Howl at the Moon #5)
Spellbound (Magic in Manhattan, #1)
Ghost House (Haunted Souls, #4)
Omega & the Beast (Vale Valley Season 3 #1)
A Vampire for His Own (A Paranormal's Love, #27)
Jon's Crazy Head-Boppin' Mystery (Jon's Mysteries Case, #2)
Give Up the Ghost (Not Dead Yet #2)
Dance in the Rain (Chosen #23)
Something Stinks at the Spa (The ABCs of Spellcraft, #3)
Among the Living (PsyCop, #1)
Change of Heart (Change of Heart, #1)
Camp Hell (PsyCop, #5)
Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin, #1)
Hell & High Water (THIRDS, #1)
Blood & Thunder (THIRDS, #2)
Body and Soul (PsyCop, #3)
Without Reservations (With or Without #1)
Secrets (PsyCop, #4)
Criss Cross (PsyCop, #2)
Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2)
Wake Me Up Inside (Mates, #1)
GhosTV (PsyCop, #6)
Mind Magic  (Triad, #1)
The Wolf at the Door by Charlie AdharaAgent Bayne by Jordan Castillo PriceBalefire by Jordan L. HawkMagic or Die by J.P.   JacksonThe Necromancer's Reckoning by S.J. Himes
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Ben by Toni GriffinAn Intrepid Trip to Love by Charlie CochetUntil Forever Comes by Cardeno C.The Littlest Assassin-Shifters by Sandrine Gasq-DionJustice For Skylar by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2013
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Captive by Jex LaneBroken by Jex LaneSire by Jex LaneThe Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. KluneChange of Heart by Mary Calmes
M/M Paranormal Romance
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How to Run with the Wolves by Eli EastonJack Addison vs. A Pack of Horny Werewolves by K.A. MerikanNight Kiss by E.T. MalinowskiDiablo by J.M. WolfGive Up the Ghost by Jenn Burke
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2019
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The Pack or the Panther by Tara LainIn Your Eyes by Cardeno C.Amara by Zathyn PriestA Case of Possession by K.J. CharlesBloodline by Jordan L. Hawk
Best M/M Paranormal Books of 2014
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Jordan Castillo Price
Renfield, my ass. What I had on my hands was a Van Helsing.
Jordan Castillo Price, Brazen

Marguerite Labbe
Just give me a bit, let me pretend you're still alive," Andrei said hoarsely. "Let me pretend that I don't have to give you up." "Andrei," Warm, calloused hands cupped Anrei's face. "Look at me. I'm real. I'm still with you. A part of me will always be with you. Even after I go through that doorway.
Marguerite Labbe, Ghosts in the Wind

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