M M Paranormal

Male/Male Romance with paranormal elements in the storyline. Can be Paranormal Romance or Fantasy with romantic elements. Paranormal Romance can be set in either contemporary or historical time periods.

A paranormal event is one that allegedly defies real world scientific explanation. Paranormal beings could be vampires, ghosts, werewolves and other shapeshifters.

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Kim Fielding
It occurred to him that even at night his neighbors might notice a naked demon on his porch
Kim Fielding, Corruption

Kim Fielding
It wasn’t the pain that bothered him most. It would pass; he would heal. It wasn’t the constant humiliation, the total loss of dignity, the unwanted invasions of his body... those tortures were familiar now too. He was as accustomed to shame and degradation as he was to his shackles and cage. What hurt most were the memories of flying, fierce and proud and free. And the knowledge that his future contained only endless towns full of rubes eager to hand over their money to Davenport. In the musty ...more
Kim Fielding, Corruption

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