M M Paranormal

Male/Male Romance with paranormal elements in the storyline. Can be Paranormal Romance or Fantasy with romantic elements. Paranormal Romance can be set in either contemporary or historical time periods.

A paranormal event is one that allegedly defies real world scientific explanation. Paranormal beings could be vampires, ghosts, werewolves and other shapeshifters.

His Consort
The Omega Objection (San Andreas Shifters #2)
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Clutch (Forbidden Desires #1)
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Elemental Magick (The Donovan Coven #1)
The Cub Club
Awkward Smiles (Chosen #11)
Frostbite (The Gifted Ones #1)
Blood, Paint and Pumpkin Guts (Chosen #12)
Richypoo, That’s Not a Bong (Chosen #13)

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M/M Paranormal Romance
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Carolina Gaetano
Il serpente risalì lungo la coscia della giovane. Giunto al pube, si immerse in quel folto cespuglio di peli e scomparve nel suo corpo. Ella reagì allungando la schiena all’indietro e prendendo una rapida boccata d’ossigeno. Una scena indecente, blasfema, che eccitò Michele in un modo per cui – lo sapeva – in qualsiasi altro momento avrebbe provato vergogna. «Lucifero» disse in un respiro rapito. Il sorriso dell’altra si allargò. «Fratello» rispose, le braccia protese. «Ti aspettavo.» Michele an ...more
Carolina Gaetano, Quello che eri

Amber Belldene
Up close, Lucas's scent hit him differently. His smell had cloyed and taunted, lingering in rooms where Lucas had been. But now it was the real, male smell of skin and soap, sweat and breath. And his distinctive Hunter scent was so much more delicious for all the ways it blended with Lucas's own human essence.
Amber Belldene, Blood Entangled

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