M M Paranormal

Male/Male Romance with paranormal elements in the storyline. Can be Paranormal Romance or Fantasy with romantic elements. Paranormal Romance can be set in either contemporary or historical time periods.

A paranormal event is one that allegedly defies real world scientific explanation. Paranormal beings could be vampires, ghosts, werewolves and other shapeshifters.

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Diane  Adams
Rob opened the door, and a tiny kitten ran out. It stopped to sniff Rob‟s ankle and arched its back, spitting tiny kitty defiance at him. Rob scooped it up. The tiny black bundle barely filled his palm. Dark as ink, the only mark on it was a tiny white spot between its eyes. Rob looked up from the kitten to meet Jamie‟s wide-eyed attempt at innocence. "There was a cat in my closet." "I can explain," Jamie offered. Rob returned to the bed. He dropped the kitten in Jamie‟s lap, causing it to poke ...more
Diane Adams, Shattered Secrets

Kay Berrisford
It felt like he’d been dragged through the nine circles of hell — by his testicles.
Kay Berrisford, Bound for the Forest

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Demon Duke excerpt
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