M M Mystery

M/M Romance books with a mystery plot or theme.

Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity #1)
The Hell You Say (The Adrien English Mysteries, #3)
Fatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1)
A Dangerous Thing (The Adrien English Mysteries, #2)
The Dark Tide (The Adrien English Mysteries, #5)
Death of a Pirate King (The Adrien English Mysteries, #4)
Fair Game (All's Fair, #1)
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks (The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks, #1)
All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity, #2)
The Mermaid Murders (The Art of Murder, #1)
Come Unto These Yellow Sands
Fair Chance (All's Fair, #3)
The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder, #2)

Rhys Ford
I stole a bit of a chopped vegetable and was about to put it in my mouth when Jae’s long fingers closed over my wrist. “What? You can’t eat this raw?” “It’s bitter melon. You won’t like it.” He went into the fridge and came out with something that looked halfway familiar. “Here, leftover bao. There’s char siu inside.” “The red pork stuff? Yeah, I like that. I thought it was Chinese.” “It is. We also eat hamburgers and spaghetti.
Rhys Ford, Dirty Kiss


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