Lovecraftian horror is a sub-genre of horror fiction which emphasizes the cosmic horror of the unknown (in some cases, unknowable). It is named after American author H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937). Lovecraft refined this style of storytelling into his own mythos that involved a set of supernatural, pre-human, and extraterrestrial elements. His work was inspired by and similar to previous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood and Lord Dunsany. The hallmark of Lovecraft's work is cosmicism: the sense that ordinary life is a thin shell over a reality that is so alien and abstract in co ...more

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Lovecraftian Fiction
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At the Mountains of Madness by I.N.J. CulbardLovecraft by Hans RodionoffThe Lovecraft Anthology, Volume 1 by H.P. LovecraftNeonomicon by Alan MooreThe Shadow Out of Time by I.N.J. Culbard
Lovecraft Graphic Novels
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At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror by H.P. LovecraftTales of the Cthulhu Mythos by Jim TurnerBlindsight by Peter WattsThe Dunwich Horror and Others by H.P. LovecraftNecronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft
Dark Science Fiction
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H.P. Lovecraft
And even in the open air the stench of whiskey was appalling. To this fiendish poison, I am certain, the greater part of the squalor I saw is due. Many of these vermin were obviously not foreigners—I counted at least five American countenances in which a certain vanished decency half showed through the red whiskey bloating. Then I reflected upon the power of wine, and marveled how self-respecting persons can imbibe such stuff, or permit it to be served upon their tables. It is the deadliest enem ...more
H.P. Lovecraft, Lord of a Visible World: An Autobiography in Letters

H.P. Lovecraft
Down through this verdant land Carter walked at evening, and saw twilight float up from the river to the marvelous golden spires of Thran. And just at the hour of dusk he came to the southern gate, and was stopped by a red-robed sentry till he had told three dreams beyond belief, and proved himself a dreamer worthy to walk up Thran's steep mysterious streets and linger in the bazaars where the wares of the ornate galleons were sold. Then into that incredible city he walked; through a wall so thi ...more
H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

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