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Islamic Audiobooks Central is a publisher and distributor of Islamic audiobooks. An audiobook is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud. Islamic audiobooks can be non-Fiction or Islamic Fiction.

Non-fiction Islamic audiobooks typically cover topics such as Qur'aan, Hadeeth/Sunnah, beliefs (aqeedah), Introduction to Islam/Comparative Religion (da'wah/adyaan), Islamic Law (fiqh), History/Biography (taareekh/seerah) and Islamic Education (tarbiyah/aadaab).

Islamic fiction audiobooks expound and illustrate an Islamic world view, put forth some explicit Islamic lessons in their plot and ch

The Best Way to Live and Die
The True Message of Jesus Christ
Muhammad's Prophethood: An Analytical View
The Search for Inner Peace
Did God Become Man?
Malcolm X, Islam and the Problem of Racism
The Life of Prophet Muhammad
The True Religion Of God
Mankind must worship God to attain righteousness and the spiritual status necessary to enter paradise. This means human beings have to comprehend that worship is as indispensable as eating and breathing — and not a favour they are doing for God.
Donald W. Flood, The Best Way to Live and Die

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
For the Bible and the Qur'aan to be the divine word of God, they must be free from inexplicable contradictions, and there should be no doubt about their content nor about their authors... ...more
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, The True Message of Jesus Christ

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