Human Resources

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, or economy. "Human capital" is sometimes used synonymously with "human resources", although human capital typically refers to a more narrow view (i.e., the knowledge the individuals embody and economic growth). Likewise, other terms sometimes used include "manpower", "talent", "labour", "personnel", or simply "people".

A human-resources department (HR department) of an organization performs human resource management, overseeing various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labour law and emplo

61 Hours (Jack Reacher, #14)
The Green Mile
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Human Resource Management
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Human Resources Management
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A Night to Remember by Walter LordTitanic Survivor by Violet JessopThe Night Lives On by Walter LordTitanic by Alan HustakThe Band That Played On by Steve Turner
Titanic People
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A damaging email forwarded outside the organization is indicative of problems within the organization.
Kent Alan Robinson

An organization's proprietary, internal information is constrained only by an understanding that stake-holders will keep organizational matters within the organization.
Kent Alan Robinson, UnSend: Email, text, and social media disasters...and how to avoid them

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