Hot Air Balloons

A hot air balloon is a lighter than air aircraft consisting of a bag, called an envelope, which contains heated air. Suspended beneath is a gondola or wicker basket (in some long-distance or high-altitude balloons, a capsule), which carries passengers and (usually) a source of heat, in most cases an open flame. The heated air inside the envelope makes it buoyant since it has a lower density than the colder air outside the envelope. As with all aircraft, hot air balloons cannot fly beyond the atmosphere. Unlike gas balloons, the envelope does not have to be sealed at the bottom, since the air n ...more

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Use every person's skill set to the fullest. Both optimists and pessimists contribute. An optimist invents the hot air balloon, and a pessimist invents the parachute." - Ramesh Lohia and Surbhi Lohia, consultants, Six Sigma, KaizeniSixSigmaKaizen. In Quality Quotes, Sep 1, 2016, Knowledge Center, ASQ [ AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR QUALITY] ...more
Ramesh Lohia and Surbhi Lohia

E.E. Cummings
who knows if the moon's a balloon,coming out of a keen city in the sky--filled with pretty people? ( and if you and I should get into it,if they should take me and take you into their balloon, why then we'd go up higher with all the pretty people than houses and steeples and clouds: go sailing away and away sailing into a keen city which nobody's ever visited,where always it's Spring)and everyone's in love and flowers pick themselves ...more
e.e. cummings, Collected Poems

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