Hard Science Fiction

Hard science fiction is a category of science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific or technical detail, or on scientific accuracy, or on both. It is characterized by rigorous attention to accurate detail in the natural sciences, especially physics, astrophysics, and chemistry, or on accurately depicting worlds that more advanced technology may make possible. Hard science fiction is driven more by ideas than characterization. Plausible science and technology are central to the plot.

Enceladus (Eismond #1)
Auberon (The Expanse, #8.5)
Strange Dogs (The Expanse, #6.5)
The Quantum Magician (The Quantum Evolution, #1)
Edges (Inverted Frontier #1)
Atmosphaera Incognita
World Engines: Destroyer
Quantum Space (Quantum, #1)
Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One #7)
Not Alone
De Oppresso Liber (Hayden War Cycle, #6)
Salvation (Salvation Sequence #1)
Paradox - On the Brink of Eternity
King of Thieves (Odyssey One: Star Rogue #1)
The Martian
The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past #1)
Red Mars (Mars Trilogy, #1)
Revelation Space (Revelation Space, #1)
Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse, #1)
Blindsight (Firefall, #1)
Rendezvous with Rama (Rama, #1)
Terraformer by Scott McElhaneyRed Mars by Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen Mars by Kim Stanley RobinsonDominion by Scott McElhaneyBlue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Synthetic Ecologies
15 books — 23 voters

The Martian by Andy WeirThe Forever War by Joe HaldemanLeviathan Wakes by James S.A. CoreyAltered Carbon by Richard K. MorganRed Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Hard SF reading group
74 books — 34 voters
Star Force by Aer-ki JyrStar Force by Aer-ki JyrStar Force by Aer-ki JyrStar Force by Aer-ki JyrStar Force by Aer-ki Jyr
Star Force
17 books — 2 voters

The Andromeda Strain by Michael CrichtonDigital Fortress by Dan BrownSphere by Michael Crichton2001 by Arthur C. ClarkeJurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Awesome Technothrillers & Scifi
42 books — 19 voters
Ringworld by Larry NivenRendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke2001 by Arthur C. ClarkePushing Ice by Alastair ReynoldsRevelation Space by Alastair Reynolds
Big Dumb Objects
64 books — 65 voters

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Scott Kaelen
Ah, Drilos. I wanted someone to talk to, but I never counted on a conversation quite so hilarious. Not only are you saying I’m the multiverse, but also that I’m becoming something devoid of existence? Ridiculous. Right now I’m just a disembodied consciousness, but as long as I exist in a void then the void won’t be a void. Right now I consist of energy rather than matter; it’s just nature’s way of compensating for the random space-time shifts of a being it apparently doesn’t want to die. Fission ...more
Scott Kaelen, The Hyperverse Accord

Jason Faris
Everyone asks me how I got started into writing. I wish I had some cool story to tell, but the truth is pretty lame. My wife and I were having a drink on our back porch and I mentioned a concept I'd been mulling over. She suggested that I write it down, and so I figured I'd make a few notes and get it out of my system. No matter how I tried though, it just wouldn't let me write it in any other way than a story. Believe me when I say I tried, but 63,000 words later I realized that I needed a char ...more
Jason Faris, De-published - now part of "For Every Action"

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