German Literature

German literature comprises those literary texts written in the German language. This includes literature written in Germany, Austria, the German part of Switzerland, and to a lesser extent works of the German diaspora. German literature of the modern period is mostly in Standard German, but there are some currents of literature influenced to a greater or lesser degree by dialects (e.g. Alemannic).
An early flowering of German literature is the Middle High German period of the High Middle Ages. Modern literature in German begins with the authors of the Enlightenment (such as Herder) and reaches

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Else Lasker-Schüler
Du weißt doch, was ich von der Liebe halte. Wäre sie eine Fahne, ich würde sie erobern oder für sie fallen.
Else Lasker-Schüler, Mein Herz

Jenna Blum
Heimat. The word mean home in German, the place where one was born. But the term also conveys a subtler nuance, a certain tenderness. One's Heimat is not merely a matter of geography; it is where one's heart lies.
Jenna Blum, Those Who Save Us

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