Gay Erotica

The Back Passage (Mitch Mitchell Mystery, #1)
Hot Head (Head #1)
Collision Course (Florida Books, #2)
For Real (Spires, #3)
The Assignment (Assignment, #1)
With Caution (With or Without, #2)
Need (Need, #1)
Diving in Deep (Florida Books, #1)
Pole Star
Tangled Sheets
Sacrificed (Baby Boy, #1)
Best Gay Erotica 1997
Resistance (Power Play, #1)
Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1)
The Secret Tunnel  (Mitch Mitchell Mystery, #2)
Changed by Robin MorayZercy by Kora KnightKríe Captivity by Kora KnightThe Degan Incident by Rob ColtonThe Experiment by Cia_
Gay Alien Erotica
32 books — 35 voters
Try by Ella FrankLoser Takes All by Kora KnightTake by Ella FrankHim by Sarina BowenThe Change in the Mirror by B.Q. Hanson
MM Erotica Hot (Part 1)
146 books — 49 voters

I realized the best argentine meat was an appendage best served hot, wet, throbbing, & erect.
5amWriterMan, A Taste of Argentina

Great…” He sighed. “Where’s the boy? And you shouldn’t be here,” he murmured, glancing over his shoulder at Sam. “I heard Chief’s alert.” “Safe, outside—where do you think I’d go?” I smiled. It was just like Lockland to be selfless and think of the boy’s welfare instead of his own. I shook my head, knowing Lock would expect me to respect his wishes, to keep myself safe, but his safety meant more to me than my own well-being. “Remember, it’s you and me until the end,” I murmured, choking. I never ...more
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

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