A gamebook is a work of fiction that allows the reader to participate in the story by making effective choices. The narrative branches along various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages.

Gamebooks are sometimes informally called choose your own adventure books or CYOA, which is the title of one particular long and popular series by Bantam Books. Legally, Choose Your Own Adventure continues to be a trademark in current use.

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New CYOA Books
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Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? by Edward PackardInside UFO 54-40 by Edward PackardThe Third Planet from Altair by Edward PackardBy Balloon to the Sahara by Douglas TermanThe Cave of Time by Edward Packard
You Choose
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Who Killed Mr. Boddy? by A.E. ParkerThe Secret Secret Passage by A.E. ParkerThe Case of the Invisible Cat by A.E. ParkerMystery at the Masked Ball by A.E. ParkerMidnight Phone Calls by A.E. Parker
20 books — 3 voters

David Velasco
«La vida de todo héroe puede convertirse en leyenda y hacerlo inmortal». Famoso proverbio escrito por Neithel de Flìtzgar en el ‘Sinqua çalendor’ o ‘Códex de la desolación’.
David Velasco, Heroes del Acero: Librojuego

Greg Hickey
Yet Judith Alethea is hardly more distinct as she tiptoes out of the glassy smog, her face a spilt cream smudge of makeup caked on and cracking at the corners of her eyes that intensifies her middle age instead of hiding it. A hesitant and excitable slap of putty, thoroughly kneaded by life and imprinted with its multilayered, multicolored narratives like transposed comic strips, she wears a thick, bunchy, ecru suit and hugs an equally bland oversized purse to her hip as she slowly minces into t ...more
Greg Hickey, The Friar's Lantern

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