Fan Fiction

Fan fiction, or fanfiction (often abbreviated as fan fic, fanfic, or simply fic), is a broadly defined fan labor term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator.
Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published. Due to these works' not being published, stories often contain a disclaimer stating that the creator of the work owns none of the original characters.
Fan fiction is defined by being both related to it

James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing (James Potter, #1)
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
The Student Prince (The Student Prince, #1)
James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper (James Potter, #2)
James Potter and the Vault of Destinies (James Potter, #3)
Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)
Balloon Animals Are Awesome
I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek (I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek, #1)
An Assembly Such as This  (Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman #1)
Breath Mints / Battle Scars
It’s just how it is. Not everybody was born to be inherently ‘good’. The world is going to be filled with different characters, different flavours, different levels of respectability and whatnot, and Louis just so happens to be on the lower ranks. He’s not good, he’s not brave, and he’s not out to save anyone except himself. Even fairytales have their villains — it’s a part of life. And it’s always been that way. Louis’ always been a bit harsher around the edges. He certainly isn’t going to be w ...more

He wants to take it back instantly. But he doesn’t. He just sits there, staring at this tornado of a boy with deep shadows and dark curls and holds his fucking hand like a child, unable to pry himself away
Velvetoscar, Young & Beautiful

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