English Literature

English-language literature.

The Cockroach
Here We Are
Winter (Seasonal #2)
Mothering Sunday
Middle England (Rotters' Club, #3)
The Only Story
My Purple Scented Novel
The Noise of Time
The Man in the Red Coat
Zog and the Flying Doctors
Love: Vintage Minis
Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature
Dragon Post
Jane Austen: The BBC Radio Drama Collection
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Animal Farm
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Frankenstein: The 1818 Text
Great Expectations
Sense and Sensibility
Romeo and Juliet
Lord of the Flies
A Tale of Two Cities

If you have a mind to understand the English comedy, the only way to do this will be for you to go to England, to spend three years in London, to make yourself master of the English tongue, and to frequent the playhouse every night.
Voltaire, Letters on England

Oscar Wilde
En cuanto a una vida echada a perder, no hay vida echada a perder más que aquella cuyo crecimiento queda detenido. Si quieres destrozar un carácter, lo único que tienes que hacer es intentar reformarlo
Oscar Wilde, Le portrait de Dorian Gray

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