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Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord—a space and time-travelling humanoid alien. He explores the universe in his TARDIS, a sentient time-travelling space ship.

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Shooty Dog Thing by Paul CastleShooty Dog Thing by Paul CastleYou and Who by J.R. SouthallYou and Who by J.R. SouthallYou and Who by Christopher Bryant
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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
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Doctor Who by Peter AnghelidesDoctor Who by Lance ParkinDoctor Who by Jonathan BlumDoctor Who by Craig HintonDoctor Who by Lawrence Miles
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Steven Moffat
The Doctor: 'You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, but you really think they're lying to make you feel better?' Amelia: 'Yeah...' The Doctor: 'Everything's going to be fine.
Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat
We're all stories, in the end.
Steven Moffat

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