Cthulhu Mythos

The Cthulhu Mythos is the name given to a shared fictional cosmology inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Whereas Lovecraftian horror in general explores his larger themes, stories classified as "Cthulhu Mythos" involve his invented deities, monsters, books, and places.


Agents of Dreamland (Tinfoil Dossier, #1)
Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows (The Cthulhu Casebooks, #1)
Dead Lies Dreaming (Dead Lies Dreaming #1)
L'abitatore del buio
H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, Volume 2
The Nightmare Stacks (Laundry Files, #7)
After the End of the World (Carter & Lovecraft, #2)
Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities (The Cthulhu Casebooks, #2)
The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions (Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu #1)
The Delirium Brief (Laundry Files, #8)
A Song for Quiet (Persons Non Grata #2)
I am Providence
On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera
The Private Life of Elder Things
The Labyrinth Index (Laundry Files, #9)
The Call of Cthulhu
The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana: A Guide to Lovecraftian Horror
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror
The Best of H.P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre
Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files, #1)
Cthulhu 2000
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales
The Shadow over Innsmouth
At the Mountains of Madness
Mysteries of the Worm
The Hastur Cycle
The Colour Out of Space and others
Shadows over Innsmouth (Shadows Over Innsmouth #1)
The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories by H.P. LovecraftArabella of Mars by David D. LevineDragonbreath by Ursula VernonThe Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur LaffertyWork, with Occasional Molemen by Jeremiah Tolbert
Drabblecast Authors
99 books — 3 voters
Dark Forces by Kirby McCauleyThe Dark Descent by David G. Hartwell999 by Al SarrantonioSNAFU by Geoff BrownRead Us or Die by Jason Gehlert
Best Horror Anthologies
452 books — 724 voters

Squirm by Cari SilverwoodThe Giant Dominant Women of Planet Zur by ArdorA Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. HamiltonEternal Echoes by Anastasia VirgasLoneliness Ebbs Deep by Adrian J. Smith
Tentacle Sex with Women
60 books — 32 voters
Conqueror Womb by Justine GeoffreyCthulhurotica by Carrie CuinnI Fucked Cthulhu by Delilah FawkesNeonomicon by Alan MooreMonstrous Divine by Alexander Whitman
Cthulhu Erotica
29 books — 3 voters

The Battle for Alien Relish by Moctezuma JohnsonPool Pussycat by Red PescaChoose Your Own Kink SEXcapades by Moctezuma JohnsonSunbathing in the Trailer Park by Callie PressThe Sex Manual by Moctezuma Johnson
smutpunk worth reading
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The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft by H.P. LovecraftWeirder Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen              JonesWeird Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen              JonesThe Innsmouth Cycle by Robert M. PriceTales Out of Innsmouth by Robert M. Price
Take Me to Innsmouth
34 books — 6 voters

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Charles Stross
There is probably no way of explaining Project Koschei, or XK-PLUTO, or MK-NIGHTMARE, or the gates, without watering them down into just another weapons system -- which they are not. Weapons may have deadly or hideous effects, but they acquire moral character from the actions of those who use them. Whereas these projects are indelibly stained by a patina of ancient evil ...
Charles Stross, A Colder War

Serra Elinsen
There was something very fishy about Riley Bay.
Serra Elinsen, Awoken

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