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Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus
Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus
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Birthing the Miraculous: The Power of Personal Encounters with God to Change Your Life and the World
God's Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian's Fight for Freedom
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The Christian Ministry
Disappearing Church: From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience
Growing True Disciples: New Strategies for Producing Genuine Followers of Christ
Unfinished: Believing Is Only the Beginning
Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches out of the Ashes of the 21st Century Church
The Trellis and the Vine
Deep and   Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend
Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City
7 Practices of Effective Ministry
Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples
Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry
Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
What is the Mission of the Church?: Making sense of social justice, Shalom and the Great Commission
Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church
What Is a Healthy Church?
The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Heart of His People
Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership Team and Staff on the Same Page
Letters to Timothy: A Handbook for Pastors
Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God

Jonathan Hayashi
The church is one of the least safe places to acknowledge abuse because the way it is counseled is, more often than not, damage to the victim. The church cannot tolerate these abusive authorities.
Jonathan Hayashi

Don't just cry over your 10 or 20 member church. Sometimes, God gives you your future first. The ones you call little carry in them every possibility you desire of the future. God would send you leaders but they may come as weak men and women first. Don't be so 'gift' conscious that you fail to realize that certain things are results of growth.
Kingsley Opuwari Manuel

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