Chinese Poetry

Brocade River Poems: Selected Works
Poems of the Late T'ang
The Clouds Float North: The Complete Poems of Yu Xuanji
When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains: The Selected Poems of Chia Tao
The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain
Mountain Home: The Wilderness Poetry of Ancient China
Li Ch Ing-Chao, Complete Poems
One Hundred Poems from the Chinese
In Such Hard Times: The Poetry of Wei Ying-wu
Selected Poems of Su Tung-p'o
One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese: Love and the Turning Year
Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse
The Poetics of Decadence: Chinese Poetry of the Southern Dynasties and Late Tang Periods
Women Poets of China
Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems
Conrad Aiken
Is it a comb, a fan, a torn dress, a curtain, a bed, an empty rice-bin? It hardly seems to matter. The Chinese poet makes a heart-breaking poetry out of these quite as naturally as Keats did out of the song of a nightingale heard in a spring garden. It is rarely dithyrambic, rarely high-pitched: part of its charm is its tranquility, its self-control. And the humblest reads it with as much emotion as the most learned.
Conrad Aiken

Men do not trip over mountains: They fall over earth mounds.
Pierre Stephen Robert Payne, The White Pony: An Anthology of Chinese Poetry

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