Boys Love

Boys' Love (ボーイズラブ, booizu rabu), also known as BL, is a Japanese term that defines a genre of novels and manga that focuses on homosexual relationships between male characters.
It is usually created by female authors for a mostly female audience.

This term has been in use in Japan since the second half of the '90, and included the previously used terms 'tanbi' and 'JUNE'.
In the last decade BL has also become a sobstitute term for 'yaoi'.
The term BL itself has not a clear and defined meaning in Japanese, so it is very complex to define the differences between these genres, but usually BL define

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Alex Rosas
Ang kakaiba sa akin ay hindi ang nakikita ng iba, kung `di ang nakikita ng mga mata ko. ...more
Alex Rosas, Watching People's Feet

Hyougo Kijima
Girls are…kind. Tender. They’re pretty and they smell good. They give me life. They’re all like precious goddesses. I can’t have such impure feelings for them
Hyougo Kijima, ラブミッション@ [Love Mission @]

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