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Rahab's Courage
Between the Wild Branches (The Covenant House, #2)
Jewel of the Nile
Miriam's Song
To Dwell Among Cedars (The Covenant House, #1)
Wings of the Wind (Out From Egypt, #3)
Daughter of Rome
Shadow of the Storm (Out From Egypt, #2)
Daughter of Cana (Jerusalem Road, #1)
Between the Wild Branches (The Covenant House, #2)
Counted with the Stars (Out From Egypt, #1)
Thief of Corinth
A Note Yet Unsung (Belmont Mansion, #3)
The Shepherd's Wife (Jerusalem Road, #2)
Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge, #3)
Miriam (Treasures of the Nile, #2)
Like Flames in the Night (Cities of Refuge, #4)
The Red Tent
Pearl in the Sand
Michal (The Wives of King David, #1)
Gods and Kings (Chronicles of the Kings, #1)
Counted with the Stars (Out From Egypt, #1)
Love Amid The Ashes
In the Field of Grace
Land of Silence
Harvest of Rubies (Harvest of Rubies, #1)
The Centurion's Wife (Acts of Faith, #1)
A Light on the Hill (Cities of Refuge, #1)
Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs, #1)
The Crimson Cord: Rahab's Story (Daughters of the Promised Land, #1)
Isaiah's Daughter (Prophets and Kings, #1)
Garden of Madness (Seven Wonders, #2)

Connilyn Cossette
Although she is brave without question...I think it was her surrender to Yahweh that displayed the true depths of her courage.
Connilyn Cossette, A Light on the Hill

Jill Eileen Smith
Clean hands and a pure heart com from knowing when we have failed our God's standards and repenting. Repentance brings a pure heart.~ pg. 294 ...more
Jill Eileen Smith, The Heart of a King

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