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Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge, #3)
Hadassah, Queen Esther of Persia
Shadow Among Sheaves
Counted With the Stars (Out from Egypt, #1)
A Light on the Hill (Cities of Refuge, #1)
King's Shadow: A Novel of King Herod's Court (The Silent Years, #4)
Land of Silence
Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge, #3)
Judah's Wife: A Novel of the Maccabees (The Silent Years #2)
Thief of Corinth
Isaiah's Daughter (Prophets and Kings, #1)
Luther and Katharina: A Novel of Love and Rebellion
Esther: Royal Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #1)
A.D. 30 (A.D., #1)
On This Foundation (Restoration Chronicles, #3)
Bread of Angels
The Red Tent
Pearl in the Sand
Michal (The Wives of King David, #1)
Gods and Kings (Chronicles of the Kings, #1)
The Centurion's Wife (Acts of Faith, #1)
Love Amid The Ashes
Harvest of Rubies (Harvest of Rubies, #1)
Counted With the Stars (Out from Egypt, #1)
Garden of Madness (Seven Wonders, #2)
So Shines the Night (Seven Wonders #5)
Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs, #1)
In the Field of Grace
Esther: Royal Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #1)
Bathsheba (The Wives of King David #3)
The Crimson Cord: Rahab's Story (Daughters of the Promised Land, #1)

Connilyn Cossette
She gently placed her palm on my wounded shoulder and the warmth of her hand did nearly as much to soothe the ache as did the ointment. If only she would continue touching me, allow us to forge something new together from the broken pieces of our past. Her willing presence in my life would be far more healing than any balm
Connilyn Cossette, Until the Mountains Fall

Jill Eileen Smith
It is the prayer of a humble heart that God hears. He tests the hearts and minds of His people. He does not care about our sacrifices. He cares about our hearts.~ pg. 344
Jill Eileen Smith, The Heart of a King

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