Battle Of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought over three days, July 1st to 3rd, 1863, as part of the American Civil War. The Union Army of the Potomac, commanded by George G. Meade, defeated the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by Robert E. Lee. Over 46,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured. Many historians consider the battle of Gettysburg the turning point of the war.

Bibliographers estimate that perhaps over 30,000 books have been written about the Battle of Gettysburg or the Gettysburg campaign.

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Buford didn’t dress for respect, he earned it. He didn’t try to get his name in the newspapers, instead he led with deeds that caused his men to follow his guidon with confidence and the full expectation of success.
Eric J. Wittenberg, The Devils to Pay: John Buford at Gettysburg. a History and Walking Tour.

Michael Shaara
He was out in the open, waving his hat, pointing to a grove of trees. A moment later Buford looked that way and the horse was bare-backed. He did not believe it. He broke off and rode to see. Reynolds lay in the dirt road, the aides bending over him. When Buford got there the thick stain had already puddled the dirt beneath his head. His eyes were open, half asleep, his face pleasant and composed, a soft smile. Buford knelt. He was dead. An aide, a young sergeant, was crying. Buford backed away. ...more
Michael Shaara, The Killer Angels

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