Aussie Rules Football

Australian rules football, officially known as Australian football, or simply called Aussie rules, football or footy, is a contact sport played between two teams of eighteen players on an oval-shaped field, often a modified cricket ground. Points are scored by kicking the oval-shaped ball between goal posts (worth six points) or between goal and behind posts (worth one point).

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Shaun McManus: By the time we played the demolition derby we weren’t travelling that well, but they weren’t either. The Eagles had champions who had won premierships in 1992 and 1994 but I felt that by 2000 they had some pretenders out there who were basking in the glory of things they hadn’t done - things that had been done by people who had gone before them.
Matthew Pavlich, Purple Heart

To play in the manner we did, and for me to be named the Ross Glendinning medallist for the second time in one season, was extremely fulfilling. I love Shauny Mac and all that he stands for.
Matthew Pavlich, Purple Heart

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