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The Daily Mirror
Alison Phillips
Sport: GREED & BETRAYAL: Wanted for Crimes against Journalism
The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (vol. i)
The Sporting Life (vol. xxiv)
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Reading the Beautiful Game
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Alex Ferguson
Di Stéfano was one of the greatest footballers ever. He had such great balance.
Alex Ferguson

This lad is an elite European coach. One of a select group of about half a dozen managers working in the world game today. The other five only take jobs with clubs that guarantee squads and trophies that will further enhance their already muscular CVs. Klopp doesn’t seem to need that in his life. He is truly a throwback. A contradiction in many senses – for instance he seems to have no problem being a shameless shill in doing adverts for some heavy weight corporations (Puma, Opel and others) and ...more
Rob Gutmann

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