Antietam Campaign

Before Antietam: The Battle for South Mountain
The Antietam Campaign
The Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam
Antietam: Essays on the 1862 Maryland Campaign
The Maps of Antietam: An Atlas of The Antietam (Sharpsburg) Campaign, Including the Battle of South Mountain, September 2 - 20, 1862
The Antietam Campaign
Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign, September 19-20, 1862
Burnside's Bridge
Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam: The Battle that Changed the Course of the Civil War
Antietam Farmsteads: A Guide to the Battlefield Landscape
Too Afraid to Cry: Maryland Civilians in the Antietam Campaign
Guide to the Battle of Antietam (U.S. Army War College Guides to Civil War Battles)
Antietam 1862: The Civil War's Bloodiest Day
Unholy Sabbath: The Battle of South Mountain in History and Memory
To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September 1862