19th Century

Novels or collections of stories set during the 19th century.

The 19th century (January 1, 1801 – December 31, 1900) was the century marked by the collapse of the Spanish, First and Second French, Chinese, Holy Roman and Mughal empires. This paved the way for the growing influence of the British Empire, the Russian Empire, the United States, the German Empire, the Second French Colonial Empire and the Empire of Japan, with the British boasting unchallenged dominance after 1815.

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Sarah Brazytis
Well, speaking of supper, let's get it underway," she proposed. "Is there any meat in the house?" "There's plenty of chickens in the chicken house out back," Sam responded. "I'll get Aaron to help me, and we'll kill a couple of roosters." "Oh, my!" exclaimed Margaret. "Well, that will be fresh chicken, for sure! ...more
Sarah Brazytis, The House on Harmony Street

Sarah Brazytis
Your grandfather must have been a wonderful man," Arabella said in an awed voice, looking about her at the beautiful house, well-proportioned barn, and the variety of shade and fruit trees so carefully and tastefully planted. "My family," John added wisely, "says I'm very like him. ...more
Sarah Brazytis, The Letter

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