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Wicked Fortunes #1

A Little Wicked

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I’m paying bills, making powerful enemies, and collecting magical lovers. You know; everyday stuff.

I’m not just a tarot reader… my birth right means I’m the best fortune teller you’ll ever meet, too bad I never listen my own advice.

My name is Georgette, but only my witchy mother gets to call me that. As the child of a witch and a wolf there’s both consequences and amazing benefits to their union. I get to taste a hint of my true power when I rush to save my cousin, with the help of three mysterious men.

Men that become more than friends – they’re only the first of several new male and female additions in my life that have me confused and heated. But trust me, it’s not all fun and steam. One of my intimate companions is the new vampire king of New Orleans. And the vampires hate him. A rebellion is rising and revenge is their battle cry.

Settling down might not be an option after all…

A Little Wicked is the first book in the Wicked Fortunes series and contains polyamory, MM, and FF content.

348 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 6, 2020

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About the author

A.J. Merlin

26 books690 followers
AJ Merlin would rather write epic love stories than live them. I mean, who wants to limit themselves to only falling in love once? She is obsessed with dark fantasy, true crime, and also dogs. From serial killers to voyeurs all the way down to the devil himself, AJ's specialty is in writing irredeemable heroes who somehow still manage to captivate their heroines (and her readers).

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124 reviews1 follower
February 16, 2021
Eh, very annoying and dense MC

Ugh, this book was barely tolerable.
- The abilities the characters have are powerful but not in a chosen one sort of way. They are higher than their peers but its not a blow out. The conflict is believable because the foes are clever, and are on equal footing.
- The relationship bases were fun and have potential. I have a feeling they may go off the rails, but in this book I liked who was involved and into who.

Spoiler like character analysis below.
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412 reviews67 followers
January 11, 2021
First of all, I was 100% intrigued when I saw the FF note in the blurb because I honestly can't find enough RH authors that give it a try to provide quality FF relationships. I'm also a fan of MM, so this was immediately a winning combo. I will say this- I was a tiny bit hesitant when I saw the note about the FMC being a hybrid because sometimes I feel like those series where the FMC is a little bit of this supernatural thing and a little bit of this odd thing wind up giving me this situation where the girl can just do EVERYTHING, and it drives me nuts.

That is SO not the case. George is great- a little sassy, a bit out of her depth, powerful but definitely still learning herself and her powers, and 100% flawed just like a regular human being. Merlin did a good job of giving me a character who would be unique but still be someone I could find likable. I like that we get some glimpses of her wolf (not to mention her ears/tail popping out with strong emotions) and that her summoner side works with the tarot. It's a fresh mix that grabbed my attention, and I definitely want to see how those different parts of her develop and grow stronger!

The harem is also a motley crew, and I'm really digging the mix of supes: lich, hellhound, vamp, cecaelia, and kitsune (I think the last one will be involved). I'm very curious to see how Merlin will dig into background for each of them and build up her own quirks for the species. Right now, I can honestly say that I like all of the harem members/potential members. There are some tropes for everyone- the sweet one, the devious one, the *sshole, the alpha, and warrior woman, so I think readers of all flavors will be interested. Plus, there's some exploration into some kinky play, and the dom experience brings some heat to the s*xy times that we do get in book one. I'm a green light for that one.

Overall, the story flows well, the action comes right when you need it, and the magic & world kept me wanting to know more. The only reason to take it down a star is that there were times where I just wanted to know a little more, and I was hoping that Yuna would get a little more time to shine although there's some great girl power teamwork toward the end which was very satisfying. I'm really looking forward to book two, and I'm glad I stumbled on book one so close to its release date!
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Author 3 books263 followers
September 15, 2020
Book - A Little Wicked: Wicked Fortunes book-1
Author - A J Merlin
Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
"A Little Wicked" by A J Merlin is an absolute delight. In other words "a wicked pleasure".
It was an exciting and witty read, written with a mix of drama, romance, hatred, revenge, fear and fun.
"A Little Wicked" is the first book in the "Wicked Fortunes" series. It is a perfect start to the series.
It revolves around Georgette, who is the daughter of a witch and a wolf. She has to face consequences because of it, but it also comes with some extraordinary powers.
Georgette is powerful, strong and can look into the future.
When Georgette's cousin gets in trouble, she steps out to save him with the help of three men, who with time become her friends. One of them is the new vampire king of New Orleans and is hated by most of the other fellow vampires.
"A Little Wicked" is a long story. In this 330 page long book, you will get to read about wolf, witches, vampires and hybrids.
The story gets interesting after each page. Georgette and the three mysterious men fight many battles together, but the last battle is super fun.
Cover is attractive. Plot is fast paced. Narration is smooth. Vocab is rich. Characters are fun.
I wish the book has not ended.
No worries... there is going to be a next part.
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2,519 reviews32 followers
October 6, 2021
I thought I knew where this one was going. Three guys, Akiva, Cian and Indra in their own relationship and bdsm. Yuna wasn't really a surprise but Merric was. I didn't like the damsel in distress thing, but I did like how she stepped out of their protection. I liked the variety of supernaturals and the way George uses her magic. The no jealousy was refreshing. Favourite character was the kitsune and his personality switches. Looking forward to the next one.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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949 reviews90 followers
March 7, 2022
Well Dang!

I found this book series on one of my favorite authors bookshelves and I should have known I would like this book just because she wanted to read it.
And, boy did I ever enjoy this book down to the very last chapter. It had all the right ingredients and was well written to be rated five stars!

I think AJ Merlin, just found herself a new fan.

Overall Rating:
5* ~ A Fantastic Read!

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692 reviews14 followers
May 2, 2021
A.j Merlin is a new to me author and I gotta say this was a surprise. I had no idea what it was about, went in completely blind and I liked it.
I think the biggest thing to stand out for me with this book is that, it doesn’t follow norms and is fresh and original. In RH you typically don’t see FF at all so this was intriguing. If your looking for an out of the box read this is definitely it. Forget about one lane this jumped so many and it weaves together seamlessly in this book.
The characters were all unique, thankfully none fell under pet peeves for me. I find it a bit annoying in PNF RH books that the main character is this badass chick but eventually ends up being a damsel most of the way, so I enjoyed that this one wasn’t the same. Each character was clearly defined and developed. Their growth, dynamic and a ilu to overcome their hurdles was great to read. It’s also hard to pick a favourite in this one. For me there is usually always one or two that standout but I enjoyed all these characters equally. I also loved how they seemed to almost be like the castaways or “unimportant” of their species so they formed this group, I loved it.
The world build, again it was different and I haven’t read too much of this kind of world so it was great. Loved the different interpretations and takes on species. As the story went on I was surprised at a few of the new species I had never read about o that made it all the more in and interesting.
The plot was clear and easy to read. This book was such a page turner I devoured this in one sitting. I cannot wait to see what Merlin has coming next. This definitely made me want to explore more of her work and immerse myself in the different world she creates.
176 reviews4 followers
June 1, 2021
Confusing & kind of annoying

So far she's a little awkward for a witch of her age. 8+ years @ her particular gift/core strength as a witch. Practicing battle strategies, etc. Stating her ward charm would hold longer than others but not true.
Her cousin needs saving by this awkward weakish witch yet soon after said rescue, it's said that the cousin is a strong dominant elemental that supposedly can obliterate the coven & cemetery in which she had been held captive against her will after being kidnapped from her bed. Also, this cousin intimidated ed strong other world beings. So why did she need rescued!? So far this is all bark & no bite. A couple of young girls stumbling around needing help from stronger older beings.
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208 reviews18 followers
October 3, 2021
*Edited review to include series thought at the end*

Hot damn! Was NOT expecting that! Especially after how the story was developing. For me, and the amount of skimming I did in the latter quarter of the book, I was surprised that the ending would be such a huge pull to drag me from a 3-star-review into a 4!

General gist with spoilers:

🔵Rating - 4 stars - the ending definitely saves the rating for me as I was getting a bit bored with the running dialogue. But the fight scenes and magic are all really unique and well played.
🔵Steam - 5 stars - I was beginning to think the poly-trio would never really accept G as more than a play thing, until Cian mentions "how things work" in their relationship and basically gives G the green light to explore who she is and what she thinks she might want out of a relationship. Beyond that, the actual smut itself is so well written and developed, and kinky. And the author spends a good amount of time in these scenes, allowing them to grow and meld and breathe.
🔵Storyline - 4 stars - very cool idea pulling numerous magical beings together, with one fault...G is supposed to have these huge health issues and is constantly being harped on by her mother for taking her meds, but we really on hear about this in the beginning of the book. Beyond the halfway point it's completely forgotten. I found that odd.
🔵Plot Twists - 4 stars - most the twists and turns are pretty small but there's so many of them that it keeps the story very interesting. Some you see coming and others are a surprise for sure.
🔵Emotional Pull - 1 star - nope, no tears here. Not even aggravation surprisingly. It's pretty smooth sailing as far as emotions go here as the author doesn't try to add a bunch of drama to the story which is a nice change.
🔵Writing - 4 stars - very comfortable to read but I did end up skimming AND skipping around in the third quarter of the book. For the most part it's a pretty medium-paced read, but it slows down at one point and I just couldn't take it at that pace. However, the author kicks it up to 10 in the last quarter and then proceeds to add a boost in the last chapter.
🔵Denouement - N/A - we're not left on a cliffhanger, but more so just mid-story.
🔵Cliffhanger? - no, but not a stand alone for sure.
🔵HEA? - yes

*Trigger warning: while the author does disclose there is MF, MM, and FF "action"...the FF stuff is pretty PG-rated and only happens once (), the MM is well-written and intimate, and then there is the trio's relationship with G which develops throughout the book between three major scenes. The story also explores dom/sub and numerous kinks (blood being one of them seeing as there is a vampire in the mix).

*Series final thoughts:
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Author 10 books78 followers
September 6, 2022
So. This book.

I tried starting it one before, but DNFed sometime during the first chapter. It didn't catch my attention at all, but I wanted to keep trying, as I picked this up in the first place because of its polyamorous representation.
So I pushed my way through the beginning and got to the club scene, which really caught my interested. While I don't get anything out of maleXfemale sex scenes, I am kinky, and this scene really touched on some of my kinks! So I stuck with the book in hopes of more like this, but I have to admit that I had to push may way through the last half.

It didn't help that yes, there was another sex scene, but it wasn't really kinky, other than a bit of dominance.
And on the note of kink; while I think the author has done their research on it - or may even be kinky themselves - there was no discussion of limits, which I really missed! And while one of my kinks is CnC - as I consider some of the things happening in this book - that's only with women I've given consent to do that through a discussion of interests and limits.

But, to the rest of the book.
The writing was repetitive and messy, and more than once I wondered if an editor had looked at it in regards to information given and cohesiveness.
There were SO many characters and races, that I honestly just blanked out on who were who and could do what after a while.
While parts of the story made sense to me, a lot of them didn't. Like the kidnappings not having any ramifications other than what the kidnapped could do themselves, and then them not being traumatized by the events! Just swept it all under the rug like it didn't happen.

Lastly, the characters; they were one dimensional, and the fact that all the women needed saving by men pissed me off!
Then there were the relationships.
I know that this is supposed to be a reverse harem, but it was also leans heavily on the MC being bisexual, but there's only one woman love interest, and there's not much loving there at all. It feels like she was thrown in there at the last moment to tick a box. And I HATE using that term, or even thinking it, especially as I don't know anything about the author and can't really find any info on them, but that's what it felt like.
On the note of ''loving'', I don't believe in insta love - which was the case in every romantic relationship here! And the reason why some of the characters decided to stick with the MC in the first place, which just doesn't make sense to me - and I especially don't believe in it with these relationships, as most of them were domineering and downright bullying.

I actually planned on giving this book 2 stars, because I did finish it and it did have aspects I liked, but as I wrote this review, I come to realize that those parts weren't enough. So, 1 star it is.
129 reviews5 followers
April 7, 2021
I was a bit unsure about A Little Wicked at first, as I came to this story by accident. I’m not a fan of reverse harem (the main female having multiple partners at once) & I generally avoid them. And it didn’t take long to work out that A Little Wicked falls into this category. But this book really surprised me! I ended up really enjoying it (with only a little skimming necessary). It was a fun story that kept my attention from start to finish.

What I will say though is that this isn't even vaguely a love story. I’m only giving this a one for romance, as it's all about the attraction. And there's plenty of attraction going on, amongst multiple characters in the story. George, the main female character, is bisexual. And as the story progresses, she becomes involved in various relationships. They include Yuna the cecaelia (a type of mermaid), and Cian, Indra and Akiva (a vampire, hellhound and a lich), who are already involved in a polyamorous relationship, that they want George to join.

Something I appreciated about this book was its very matter of fact approach to sexuality. I rarely read LGBTQ books because I often feel that the queer characters are there for a purpose, rather than just to be part of the story. And that annoys me. But in A Little Wicked, the queer characters are all through the story and they just are. No questions, it’s just fact. And I liked that. 

The main female character, George, is great. She’s very confident, but at the same time unsure, and I found this really relatable. She’s also very likable. She is a hybrid witch/wolf shapeshifter (with cute sounding white ears), and I was really kept entertained by her adventures. The other characters are all likeable too - even the cranky ones (I'm talking about you, Yuna). I did wish that a couple of the characters were a little more well rounded, but perhaps that was deliberate and they will get their moment in another book in the series.

I really enjoyed the pace of this book & the way the story builds up. AJ Merlin has a very entertaining style of description and it caught my attention and carried me along. There were moments that I was drawn right into the suspense, as well as others where I laughed out loud. And in between, the action and drama kept me wanting more. 

If you're not a fan of dominant/submissive type relationships, be aware that there is an element of this in the story. But as I mentioned earlier I did do a bit of skimming, and these were the bits I did it in, with no loss of enjoyment of the story at all.

Thank you to A.J. Merlin and Affinity Author Services for sharing a copy of this e-book with me.
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Author 2 books94 followers
April 17, 2021
Interesting and refreshing elements to this paranormal book, the main character Georgette is not the typical heroine for this type of story, we get introduced to all the world she lives in and there is so much more you get to discover. This is an RH story where the main character is bisexual, giving it an original side to the story, we get a great plot to follow as well as supernatural characters.

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84 reviews
March 2, 2023
A couple of points:

I think this book is great, it has spiciness, a PLOT and finally reverse harem. Now the issue as why I gave it a four star then 5 stars. I think there should have been more involvement with he other characters.

The following might have spoilers

- Indra( one of the guys from the harem) feels as if he is just there to occupy space for the harem the same can be said for Yuna. I wanted this book to be more inclusive specially with Yuna. The main reason why I wanted to read this book is because I wanted to read about two FF within a harem yet, she seems like its just an add on to say there is a female in the harem not with an importance.

- Lastly gosh FMC is so annoying at times, its like why would you be so awkward about this scene or cringy. I think shy was nice and independent but why double guess everything, literally every second was spent double guessing for a 24 year old, I guess that make sense but for someone who had to essentially grow up in a harsh reality I don't know why but it bothers me. mind you this is not something that happens all of the time, however when it does its annoying as heck.

- Finally this book it's a great read for something light hearted and for a young adult. for those who are older like me I think it's a pass. currently im in my late 20's and let me tell you I will stand my ground until I can't. I rather give my opinion and do the thing I think is correct and then apologize if its wrong then second guess my self because my crush told me I was a distraction.

- This book is for those who are younger and want something light to read.

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30 reviews
January 26, 2021
This was such an interesting read! You’re dropped right into the action with George, our FMC, as she’s looking for her cousin in New Orleans. Quickly learning that things are far more dangerous than she realizes, George teams up with some sexy preternaturals (a vampire, a lich, and a hellhound) to not only save her cousin, but in the end, them as well. Along the way we find out that George, in addition to being a special kind of witch, has another secret up her sleeve that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the story.

The book has a central conflict between vampires and witches, but there are several types of preternaturals directly involved in the story. The tension that grows between George and the guys is extremely satisfying, especially once it finally gets worked out and George catches a clue that they aren’t just looking for a fling.

I still have some questions about things that were mentioned in the story, such as George’s poor health as a child and teen not being an issue now as an adult, yet she still takes medications. We also never find out what brought the three MMCs together, but I definitely want to know, because their relationship is so solid and fascinating. In general, I’m looking forward to the relationships being built up more in future books. ’m really looking forward to book two, and I’m thinking and hopeful that we will find out more backstory there.

I definitely recommend this book, especially if you are interested in paranormal RH, but even if you aren’t. I am so excited for book two!
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76 reviews3 followers
February 2, 2021
This is a step away from what I was expecting when I started this book (in a good way!) – George, our sassy heroine, is the kind of vibrant and bold heroine I normally associate with a paranormal RH, but instead of being the usual all-powerful being who saves the day and kisses the pretty boys, she’s completely out of her depth and working mostly on good intentions. One of the best things is that she’s openly bisexual, so when she shows romantic interest in a female character it’s in line with her character.

There’s a huge learning curve ahead of her both magically, socially and sexually speaking – which is something I expect to see happening over the course of the series. The room for character development is huge and exciting!

I found the beginning of the story a bit choppy, George attaches herself to the Troublesome Trio with no prior motivation and they all stick together without any obvious motivation for doing so – this is an ongoing issue for me that doesn’t apply to her relationships with the other two potential members of her harem.

The paranormal element of this book is awesome with a great mix of creatures, including some of the rarer beasties (lich, kitsune, cecaelia) which is a breath of fresh air – it’s a mixture that bounces off each other in unpredictable ways and keeps me interested.

I’d classify this book as a medium burn with some steamy scenes (group) and some light BDSM, I can’t wait to see how this evolves across the series.
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154 reviews6 followers
April 2, 2021
Wow such an action packed start to the book, I loved it.
It reminded me of the originals tv series , with the witches and vampires of New Orleans , the conflict between witches and an in charge vampire.
It has everything supernatural in it that you could ever dream of.
This books puts a whole new spin on witches, shifters and vampires and many many more.
I love Merric, he’s so mysterious and I was not expecting him to change so much I’m shocked. I can’t wait to find out more.
The troublesome trio are so different yet suit each other and George so much.
I need to know more about Yuna and how her and George’s relationship develops too.
It’s so different of a story, that George doesn’t fully believe in herself but wants to, she tries so hard to think she’s more than strong and good enough. I enjoyed how by the last fight she starts to see her true potential.
At the start of the story I thought George was just an ordinary witch, but oh boy was I wrong. She’s special! I can’t wait to find out how much stronger she gets.
It definitely ticks all of the boxes for PNR Reverse haram , with MM and soon to be FF too. It’s so excited to start a series like this, it’s full of action, steam and it’s so different from most books, with such a unique take on paranormals. The author has done a fantastic job with this story.
I can’t wait to read more by this author!
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179 reviews1 follower
April 6, 2021
Firstly, it’s got witches and tarot so I was already pumped for this book. Then you introduce shifters, vamps and weird other creatures? I’m double down for this book.

This was nostalgia heaven. All I could think was new-gen Sookie Stackhouse, with the FMC George (Georgette to ONLY her mum) being a sassy, powerful but not very confident in it, witchy Sookie. Was there an Eric? Nope but even better, we get 3!!!! for the price of one! You’re going to LOVE Cian, Indra and Akiva. They’re a vamp, shifter and a lich (girl same, but it gets explained) who just so happen to be the cutest killers around.

George is an all powerful witch who’s still getting the hang of her powers. The troublesome trio, well they’re going to help. Kinda. Sorta. In some ways that are better than others 😉 if you get my drift.

There’s action!
There’s romance!
There’s New Orleans!
There’s a kitsune, who is by FAR my favourite character!
There’s betrayal!
There’s a sea witch! Hello Ursula 👋🏻
There’s sass!
There’s lore!

Basically, it’s True Blood, meets Vampire Diaries, meets Teen Wolf, meets The Order, meets Supernatural. Throw in some ✨spice✨ and you’ve got A Little Wicked.

I liked. I liked it a loooooot. I’m keen to see where it goes. Get into it, you won’t regret it. And if you do, ummm re-read it and try again.
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319 reviews
January 18, 2021
What did I just read? AWESOMENESS

What a fresh new take on a prn rh series. It is a fast and fun read (less than a day). It had a little of everything to make you fall in love with the book. The main female character George (Gerogette) is not your typical badass fmc. However, her journey is one of growth which I liked to see. Her love interest and fun explorations was fun to read. At times when I was reading the story, I had to go back and reread it because my brian was like WHAT?!? Which was fun! So, you might ask why 4 stars? Without giving it anything away, I liked how AJ Merlin told the story. However, I felt confused why some concepts were introduced and never expanded upon. Maybe those concepts will develop later in the series, but if they don't, it will leave me questioning. I most definitely will read the next in this series and cannot wait to see what George and her lovers will do next.
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98 reviews4 followers
October 25, 2021
Couldn't finish this, I don't even think I made it halfway through. The MC was a combination of so many rare things and yet, she's just so ... bland. I couldn't figure out what she was thinking and we were in her head the whole time. She's supposed to be so close to this cousin that she drops everything and drives over right away because of a creepy text but she also doesn't know the roots this same cousin has in her city? She's supposed to be powerful but her so-called long-lasting personal ward took two hits before breaking. She's supposed to be wary of all the creatures lurking in New Orleans but she decides at the drop of a hat to move there because ... ?

I got to the club scenes and felt so much second hand embarrassment because of the MC, I just gave up. Her cousin was cool though and the guys seemed to have a pretty fun relationship. Might've held out a little longer if it were their stories.
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335 reviews9 followers
April 9, 2021
Thank you to AJ and affinity for allowing us to be a part of this book journey.

This story follows multiple characters but the main character is George a female bisexual hybrid witch-wolf who as the story progresses has multiple partners which pulls her into their already formed polyamorous relationship,

Yuna a celcaelia mermaid, Akiva a Lich, Indra a hellhound and Cian a vampire want the hybrid witch-wolf that is George to join them in their unique relationship not understanding the true consequences of that union.

We enjoyed reading the twists and turns within this book, there was plenty of passion and action to be had. This book is something a little out of the box but keeps you gripped within its claws right until the very end.

Overall Rating 💋💋💋💋
Passion Rating 💋💋💋💋
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1,416 reviews56 followers
April 12, 2021
I wasn’t too sure what to expect from A Little Wicked, but I’m so glad I picked it up. It’s a quirky reverse harem story that had me reading for more.

George is a hybrid and along with that comes extremely rare powers. When she gets a distress call from her cousin in New Orleans, she rushes there to help her out. While there she meets some pretty interesting and mysterious people, as well as getting sucked into a rebellion.

I loved all the unique shifters in the story, ones you don’t normally see. I liked the polyamory aspect of the story. George is in a few different relationships instead of one big one. The steamy scenes and sexual tension between everyone is HOT!!

I’m can’t wait to read book 2 and see where AJ Merlin takes this fun and exciting story.
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693 reviews9 followers
April 13, 2021
A Little Wicked is the first book in the Wicked Fortunes Series by A.J. Merlin. It follows a summoner named George who is trying to navigate her life after she moves to New Orleans after saving her cousin from danger.

This was a really fun and interesting book. I liked George and as the series progresses I really hope that she starts believing in herself a lot more. I really enjoyed watching her powers evolve and I can’t wait to see if they will become more powerful. My favourite characters were definitely Cian, Indra and Akiva because they I found them to be really intriguing. I would love to learn more about them because I feel like I didn’t get enough of them.

This was a great start to the series and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.
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2,593 reviews39 followers
April 21, 2021
*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

This is a captivating start to a new series that had me completely hooked once the story got going. The FMC is Georgette a witch (with some really cook powers I must say) that has to go rescue her cousin when she disappears. Not sure how to find her she starts looking into things once she arrives only to run across three very sexy men that she has to team up with in order to save her. This leads to quite the adventure with lots of surprising thrown in along the way such as a FF relationship to go along with the three hot guys. Makes for a well written suspenseful story that will keep you attention once it gets going. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.
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324 reviews14 followers
April 7, 2021
I was a little unsure of this book but I am so glad I gave it a chance! I was immediately drawn in to the story and the characters, the relationships that build are really exciting and had me wishing I could be there to see it. It was a brilliant fast, fun read.
George has to go through a huge learning curve and not just involving her magic. There is a great mix of creatures that are beautifully written. Action, romance, betrayal and some sexy scenes what more could you ask for? The guys are great and even though I wanted to hit some of them over the head they all captured me and we know why George likes them.
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1,394 reviews16 followers
October 4, 2021
Read : October 4, 2021
Rating :3,5 Stars

I enjoyed this for the most part but at times our Mc was annoying with the tstl stuff she pulls and the way she let herself be treated as a sad little 5 year old.

And man, why don't you research more about powers and possibilities, seems like a good way to get dead but oh well.

I liked the fox, he seems like a proper c*nt and he owns it, and I liked Yuna, the troublesome threesome less so.

I believe in talking about what's okay and what's not before a scene, which doesn't happen here so that took a star down for me as well.
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November 25, 2020
If I could I would give 10 stars

This was an amazing read and made me think of a manga or anime. Especially Merric and his powers and Yuna and her stoicness and penchant for just showing up out of nowhere. Sometimes that type of anime flavoring doesn’t mesh well in a story (I’m wording this terribly) but it works for this one and gosh it was an adventure. I liked all of George’s men and woman and I loved their dynamic. I can’t wait for the next book.
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December 13, 2020

Incredible story by AJ Merlin. George is an amazing FMC, full of sass, awkwardness and intense magic. Her group of unlikely friends are a riot and so lovely (although there were stages i wanted to shake some sense into the men). A little wicked is a funny, magical, and action packed story with plenty of steam! Very well written, no cliff hanger but I am excited to see what is going to happen next.
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April 13, 2021
What a quirky, paranormal book!

Pleasantly surprised by this story that features a witches, hybrids, vampires, kitsunes, and many other creatures that are intriguing.

George is a witch-werewolf hybrid who is strong but yet clumsy and endearing as the FMC. Her interactions with Cian, Indra, and Akiva are so hot and steamy as well as hilarious. This budding RH is definitely one to watch. And with the possibility of more entering - Yuna and Merric - it looks like things will get very interesting.

What I loved: the host of secondary characters - good and bad and the MM and FF elements that were done rather well.

Overall I enjoyed it but some parts did drag a little.
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October 12, 2021

There is no other book like A Little Wicked. I loved every second of this sort of slow burn story. There are monster galore. Everything from witches, to vampire, to werewolves, and Kitsunes.

I have to admit, I had a soft spot for the Kitsune.

This is the first book in a series and the first book I’ve read by Merlin. I’ll have to pick up the rest of this series for sure. It’s a reverse harem book with supernatural beings and mature scenes.
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August 13, 2020
I enjoyed my time reading A Little Wicked. There were many moments where I couldn't stop reading to see how everything turned out. The world was filled with great characters that you care about and want to know more about as you go through. The relationships that were formed between the main group and seeing how they develop was fun to read.
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