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When Global Meets Local - How Expatriates Can Succeed In Myanmar?: First-Time Guidebook

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This book offers a first-time essential guide on how to work well with Burmese people. It assists expatriates in achieving success in Myanmar by helping them overcome the biggest challenge of expats here – the cultural conflicts.

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An enchanting and mysterious country awakening after 60 years of dictatorship and isolation, Myanmar is emerging as the last frontier market. In the newly-opened country full of oddities and quirks, expats have found lots of challenges, especially cultural differences and subsequent cultural conflicts. It looks like “Men Are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”

When Global Meets Local - How Expatriates Can Succeed in Myanmar:
Full of vivid, real–life stories, the book presents, in a simple and applicable fashion for super-busy expats, the following:

• 2 Survival Rules of Social Interaction and the most common cultural conflicts in Myanmar
• 3 Keys to Success and 12 Simple and Applicable Lessons
• What the locals think of foreigners and 15 comparable thoughts between expatriates and locals (how they easily misinterpret each other’s “strange” behaviours)
• Things expats wish they knew before coming here so they may avoid re-inventing the wheel and save lots of time, effort and money.
• How to foster good relationships with the locals (a must)
• How to fix any damage done
• Suggestions to Win - either for a two–year contract expat or a more long term one

Having lived in Myanmar for six years doing business in HR services, author Hana Bui has a strong interest in global-local interrelations. She holds an MA degree on Globalization and Communications from University of Leicester, England.

The author did a survey of over a hundred expatriates who work or have worked in Myanmar for over a year, plus over 50 local professionals. Further, 30 in-depth interviews were conducted. The interviewees are mostly in the commercial sector, but NGOs and diplomatic organizations are also included.

The two Survival Rules, three Keys to Succeed, and twelve Simple and Applicable Lessons are gained from cultural insight into the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of the amiable Burmese people. The book also assesses the local corporate working culture and the characteristics of the local talent pool. Plus, there are authentic stories of local giants transforming their lucrative businesses in a new, competitive, and open business environment.

Who the book would benefit:

• New expats and entrepreneurs coming here to work
• Existing expats and entrepreneurs who want to improve their effectiveness and efficiency
• Expatriates and investors who want to come to Myanmar or who are considering doing so
• Travelers who want to have a deeper understanding about the people in the Golden Land
• Local entrepreneurs and professionals who often work with expats, especially HR professionals
• Anyone who is interested in gaining an understanding about Myanmar culture, business, and people in the transition period of connecting with the global world.

190 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 18, 2019

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Hana Bui

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Author 1 book4 followers
March 25, 2019
"For anyone interested in learning about local customs and communication styles, and what locals find most baffling about foreigners, this book is worth reading. How locals and foreigners misinterpret each other's "strange behaviours" is a topic many will find interesting, if amusing." (Andrew King, Mizzima Weekly, 14th Mar, 2019)

"The book has created a buzz in the expat and literary community in Yangon....Hana has tried to understand the traits of locals, and expats and found ways to bridge the gap of understanding between expats and locals to be more feasible in their relationship and communication. The methods she describes in her book are useful to the expats, informative and practical."
(San Lin Tun, Myanmar Times, 18th Mar, 2019)
1 review
March 27, 2019
Fantastic guide for a new comer to Myanmar!
Full of real life stories without missing the application of key intercultural theories and the digging out of Myanmar history, culture and religion. Witty and amusing!. Fill in the gap of wrong expectation and misunderstanding between expats and locals. A must read!
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282 reviews8 followers
September 29, 2019
Not too bad. Quite repetitive but some good tips for newcomers.
1 review
April 12, 2020
Extremely helpful for expats in Myanmar, including the ones who have lived here for a long time.
344 reviews
November 13, 2022
This is an excellent primer for expats on what to expect in Myanmar professional work culture working with native Myanmar people. I learned many things from this book, especially that Myanmar was deeply isolated prior to 2011 and has slowly been opening up since then. It filled me with even more respect for the people of Myanmar to deal with lack of development with such dignity, collaboration, and kindness. I respect how much they have accomplished as workers since 2011 to learn international standards of workplace culture.
Displaying 1 - 5 of 5 reviews

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