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A Girl Named October

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Can empathy be taught? The importance of empathy and its impact are explored in A Girl Named October. The title character, October, is ever present as the narrator navigates a life without realizing how even the smallest memories, interactions, and expressions can impact a very large, and often imposing, world. Touching the world is no longer an abstract idea, but a concrete action that reveals how everything we do affects everyone around us. Lighthearted in its approach, but powerful in its message, this book tells a story that will spur conversations with children and adults alike.

36 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2019

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2,115 reviews
December 22, 2020
I loved the illustrations, but the story was a little too stretched out for my taste. The repeating line, "I did not know how to answer, so I said nothing," got annoying after a while. I certainly loved the October character and her positive look at the world, but I'm not sure how this is a book about empathy. Being mindful and observant would be a better description of the message. This is a book that confuses me. I see how beautiful it is. The language is lush. But I am left feeling frustrated by it because I know I'm missing something that would make me fall in love with it.
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7,867 reviews12 followers
July 10, 2019
The summary of the book talks of empathy. I didn't necessarily get that theme from the book. But it is very beautiful, and if read aloud (in a certain way), the softness and message can be felt in the heart.
2 reviews
April 15, 2019
Love this book A Girl Named October. My youngest daughter was born in October and she just loved the fact that she could identify with the word October and felt like the book was about her. She is 4. My 6 year old daughter loved trying to read the book and identified with the illustrations which were absolutely brilliant and beautiful. As a parent with beginning readers, pictures speak a thousand words. This was a fun book to read to my girls and we thoroughly enjoyed what the book was about. I recommend A Girl Named October for parents with young ones. You will love it as your little ones will.
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197 reviews
May 19, 2022
~2.5-3 stars. First read to my 4 year old it went right over my head, and just seemed so long and repetitive.

Second read on my own I was able to appreciate the text a little more, but I don’t think I’m poetic enough for it. Like another reviewer has mentioned, I also don’t think the book summary matches/gives you a very good idea of the content within the story - lots of little life lessons are included, but not so much about a focus on the importance of empathy 🤷🏻‍♀️

I will add that the note in the beginning dedications about how October was inspired by Zakieh (the author)’s youngest sister, who lost her battle with leukemia at the age of 9, gives some good context for the book.
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2,149 reviews7 followers
June 28, 2019
This was a beautiful story about October a young girl or the month, either is possible. An older girl asking questions is answered but has nothing to share herself. October is wise, wonder-filled and embracing life, the other girl is questioning life and more morose. The younger girl seems to be open to new possibilities and life and the older is closed off until the end. A book to read and talk about with children or a child and listen to a child's p.o.v.
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257 reviews
October 3, 2019
There are so many ways to touch the world.
Do you know how far you can reach?
You can see farther the more you read.
You can keep things- treasures, experiences- inside you without something tangible to hold.
You speak loudly when you say nothing at all.
Take the time to enjoy the world.
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162 reviews
February 28, 2020
What a beautiful book! I loved the text, illustrations and message! A great way to share the beauty of life with those children who need to feel thankful, and adults who feel disillusioned. A wonderful reminder of the beauty in the world and children around us! This will go on my grade school library wish list!
1 review1 follower
April 20, 2019
My children really loved this book. It was a great moral story for my children to read and relate to. Definitely, recommend for children.
Want to read
April 13, 2022
What a wonderful book on so many levels. Believe that it will speak to young and older readers. The illustrations are a joy to behold and there is a lot of details that will only be understood if read a couple of times. Like the fact that the little girl is surrounded by color more and the older teenager by grey, symbolizing the hardness of heart that comes with age. We are living in a sinful world and this illustrates it beautifully. There is only ONE that can give us hope!!!
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