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Iceman, Vol. 1: Thawing Out
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Iceman, Vol. 1: Thawing Out

(Iceman (2017/18) (Collected Editions) #1)

3.88  ·  Rating details ·  640 ratings  ·  111 reviews
Bobby Drake has been in the super hero game longer than most - but what has he left behind besides a few good one-liners and a string of failed relationships? And now a younger version of himself has emerged from the timestream - and he's more put together than Bobby ever was. He grapples with his gay identity and his family and how to build a life and legacy he can be ...more
Paperback, 136 pages
Published January 9th 2018 by Marvel
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Average rating 3.88  · 
Rating details
 ·  640 ratings  ·  111 reviews

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Apr 19, 2019 rated it liked it
Shelves: comix
Ice, Ice Baby
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with a brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
flow that a harpoon daily and nightly

By harpoon, you mean…never mind.

The growed-up present day Bobby Drake, like his dragged-from-the past .younger self is coming out of the closet. His parents are still chilly about the whole mutant thing, so Bobby is reluctant to tell them he’s also gay.

You can always go back to being an accountant, Bobby.

“Are filing a tax extension or are you just
kristen ♡
Aug 12, 2018 rated it it was amazing
i honestly don’t know how anyone is giving this less than at least 4 stars?? it’s so entertaining and everything that made me weary of reading it initially never was as bad as anti’s made it out to be. so let’s clear the air:

this entire story isn’t even focused around bobby being gay. it’s really about him finding himself and new powers through seeing what he becomes in the future in previous x-men arcs. the first issue is barely him on an online dating site, i don’t understand how people are
Paul E. Morph
Mar 19, 2018 rated it it was amazing
I'll be honest; I initially wasn't a fan of Marvel's decision to make Iceman gay. Anybody who knows me knows I'm not anti-gay; quite the opposite. Northstar is one of my all-time favourite characters, partly because he is an openly gay superhero. The reason I didn't like it in Bobby's case was that this was a character with a fifty-odd year history with absolutely no hint whatsoever in all that time that he might be gay. It's the retcon aspect I objected to, not the sexuality.

However... the more
Jul 27, 2017 rated it did not like it
Shelves: graphic-novels, x-men
I can barely recall a single time Iceman used his omega powers despite being one of the most powerful mutants in the universe, the only time we got a glimpse of it was from his future self in the Battle of the Atom, so as soon as I've heard he's getting his own series, I thought... this is it. Nope, apparently Iceman is gay and he's now dealing with online dating, family drama, and dorky villains, with Daken making an appearance for obvious reasons. Another missed opportunity, just another ...more
Chelsea 🏳️‍🌈
Wow, this may be the third X-Men book I actually liked? The other two were Vaughn's Mystique series and Kyle's X-23 book. X-Men books just don't really work for me. I've read quite a bit but it's all pretty much the same: a lot of white people explaining oppression to people of color through an outdated metaphor for racism (so glad Deadpool 2 sorta understood that).

But this was surprisingly enjoyable for me. As I said, I've only read bits of Bobby Drake in older X-Men books, X-Men: Season One
Jul 13, 2018 rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2018
There doesn't seem to be much drive or direction to this book. Yes, Bobby is gay now and trying to figure that out. But other than attempt to fill out an online dating profile in the first issue, it's not really dealt with. It has to be incredibly hard to figure out your gay when you're in your thirties. I would have loved if this was written by someone who actually went through that. This, ultimately, was just boring, filled with little B plots and dumb villains.

The art switched back and forth
c, (½ of readsrainbow)
Rep: gay mc, non-white side characters

i was spoiled by the kevin wada cover art because im not the hugest fan of the art inside but honestly i love bobby and i love this arc
Sep 06, 2017 rated it it was amazing
I've never been a huge Iceman fan. I always thought his powers were pretty neat and that Bobby's significantly funny, but I never gave him much thought until he came out a few years back. I knew there was fan speculation about his sexuality for decades, but I never expected Marvel comics to actually out such a big name such as Iceman! Being gay myself, I was instantly curious to see where they took Bobby going forward. A guy in his late twenties (assuming here) realizing he's gay is hardcore and ...more
Paz R.M.
I felt like I read a different comic than most people judging by the reviews and ratings.
I wanted to like this, I wanted to love Bobby's journey, but this was a big disappointment for me.
It was so so cringey to read. The humour? Not only Bobby's lines, but everyone's dialogue felt so immature to me. It reminded me of reading Spider-Gwen and how unfunny Gwen's one liners were. Bobby here takes the cringe to a whole new level. Or maybe I'm the uncool one, who knows.
Even when I love 'coming
Oct 08, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics
me: this is a fun series, the art is beautiful, i love seeing bobby drake getting more character development and some scenes had me very emotional but it's not perfect of course

homophobic marvel fanboys: but iceman can't be gAY how will i relate to him now this is so unfair!!!1!

me: nvm this series is a perfect masterpiece and i owe sina grace my life
Dec 03, 2018 rated it it was amazing
A brilliant balance of light brevity that is so Iceman. The horrible puns and the humor. With a somewhat heavy personal journey and arc.

Bobby really has to come to terms with things about himself fully. For himself as a person but also as a hero. The tie to your emotions and your powers is shown in very clear in this volume with the young mutant Zach. A great lens to view Bobby at as well. I think the steps he took in this volume are steps that will make him a better X-man in the future.

Jan 24, 2018 rated it it was amazing
When it was announced that Marvel Comics was going to have Bobby Drake come out of the closet, there was a lot of outcry from long-term fans: why are you "turning" an existing character gay? if gays want to see themselves represented, why can't you just create new gay characters? and if you have to turn an existing character gay, it makes no sense to do it to a character who has had multiple unsuccessful relationships with women!

Meanwhile, all I could think was, "please don't let them screw this
Travis Duke
Apr 03, 2018 rated it liked it
(3.5) I think the approach to this was done pretty well. It is no secret that Bobby is gay now and yes this comic does tackle this issue but in a sensitive and caring way especially since it is dealing with older ice man and not younger ice man. In contrast when Marvel brought up younger ice man and his sexuality in recent x-men books its about young Bobby breaking out of his shell and adventuring into the dating scene. There is a quick nod to younger Bobby in this book but its all about older ...more
Feb 01, 2018 rated it really liked it
funny, adorable, comforting; things I didnt think this book would be but glad it was.
Sep 15, 2019 rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics, superpowers
Cute, fun, and with good queer rep (own voices).
Jack Phoenix
Sep 26, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: comics
It's a cool breath of fresh air for X-Fans, while paradoxically feeling more like a classic X-Men read than most X-titles currently on the shelves, and that's no easy feat.
May 27, 2018 rated it really liked it
This was a lot more fun than I expected. It was also deeper than I thought it was going to be. Which of course means that it got cancelled. Just my luck. I still appreciate that this book exists and I will buy the other two to complete my collection.

From the first page on, the story leaves no illusion as to what this story is going to be about: Bobby learning to be more confident in who and what he is and his fight for more acceptance in the world around him. Especially from his parents who are
Ashley Tidwell
Jan 14, 2018 rated it it was amazing
So apparently alt-righters have decided to 1 star review Iceman Vol 1 on amazon because it’s about an openly gay main character. If you haven’t read it, it’s wonderful. He’s funny and fighting with family like an average person while knowing his one awesome hero and needs to love himself. He’s fighting things average humans face while being an x-man so if you’ve read any of these comments go star it on amazon to fight back. They want it canceled.
Molli B.
Pretty good! Good character development for Bobby, both personally and with his powers. There IS a "hero" storyline (the new kid they try to bring in) in addition to a couple of personal ones. I think it was a good little arc, and I'm happy Marvel went this direction with Bobby.
Jan 19, 2019 rated it it was amazing
This is funny and endearing and I want Marvel to do more of this.
Nicole Westen
This was just fun and interesting to read. It really fleshes out Iceman's character.
Wes Benchoff
I was already reading this book as mockery fodder when it first came out; I saw some screenshots and said to myself, "Jesus, it can't be that bad". Unbelievably, these books get WORSE after the first trade. I'll be honest, there is maybe one issue out of the six in this trade that doesn't blow (#3) outright. Everything else about this book is so bad that it's easier to just point out the few things that are actually decent (don't worry, I'm still going to point out everything I hated about it). ...more
- ̗̀ fantine ̖́-
Oct 21, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2018
did i buy this mostly so i could stare lovingly at kevin wadas cover art ? perhaps .
Derek Newman-Stille
Apr 27, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Marvel finally gave Iceman his own title only to take it away shortly afterward, stating that ‘diverse’ comics don’t sell.

Despite this, there are several characteristics of this short lived Iceman series that deserve notice. The contemporary Iceman is portrayed having to work on work-life balance, finally allowing himself to begin online searches for possible dates. He encounters his parents who had been oppressive toward him for being a mutant and they continue to express their shame for him as
I wanted to like this, I really did. A whole new series dedicated to Bobby’s experience as a gay man coming out later in life? I wanted to like it, I want it, present tense, to be successful! But god was the execution sloppy.

First, Bobby talks like a 15 year-old girl from 2008. It’s terrible. So cringe. And it’s not just him, it’s all the writing. It’s immature, and trying way too hard to be, I don’t know, relatable? Is this supposed to be relatable? Because I honestly don’t know who the target
C. Varn
Decent but does not quite work for me

Sina Grace's development of Iceman as a stand-alone superhero works as a fairly sensitive teen soap opera, but this original Bobby Drake is not a teen so some of the development doesn't seem to quite fit the forty years of continuity for the character. Like a lot of recently rebooted X-titles, this just feels slight. The monster of the week nature of antagonists feels a bit forced to keep the action quota up while the real drama between Bobby and coming to
Robert Kirwan
Sep 17, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Ok, they got this book so right!!! Obviously I’m going to have a vested interest in this story anyway but 5 stars to Grace and his team.

This picks up where All-New X-Men left off with Bobby admitting to himself, and others rather unwillingly, that he is gay. The first volume of this focusses on Bobby trying to tell his parents but also has a little side story in each issue for people that are close to him.

The artwork is top-notch here. I love the inaccurate lines and the differing takes on Bobby
Rod Brown
Jul 11, 2018 rated it it was ok
I love that Marvel published a title with a gay lead character, but I wish it wasn't this character and that the execution of the story wasn't so awkward.

Bobby Drake has always been one of my least favorite X-Men, dating back to his initial appearances when he was just a snowman in boots. The only qualities I ever remember him exhibiting are snark and stupidity. His realization about his true self and the drama it causes in his personal life raises a little sympathy in me but does not make him
Oct 09, 2018 rated it really liked it
I was super interested in how Marvel would handle Iceman's first solo series now that he was out and proud, and I quite enjoyed it for the most part.

Bobby is still Bobby, wise-cracking and snowball-flinging warts and all, but you can't help loving him for it. This series does an interesting job of looking beneath the flippant jokes and seemingly one-dimensional super powers and creating a fully realised person. One who can do a lot more with his mutant ability than has previously been shown.

Mar 05, 2019 rated it it was ok
I wanted to enjoy this much more than I did. Didn't like the character designs at all and the O-M-G outbursts make this title feel dated already. Bobby deserves better! I preferred the younger version of Iceman, and wanted the comic to be about him and his boyfriend just hanging out instead.
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Sina Grace’s parents had big plans for their son: Ivy League schooling, professional credentials, a 6-figure income as a doctor– the works! Fortunately for us, he found the wonderful world of comics instead. It was in this world of contradictions that he “matured,” one foot teetering on the edge of academia, the other drawn to the inescapable grasp of an ink-bound fantasy underworld.

At 14, Grace

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