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MOMSTER is an award winning, hair-raising story about a boy who after ignoring his mother’s repeated requests, realizes what a grave mistake he has made. Mom, who is loving and kind by nature, has had it. Her frustration shows as she morphs from her peaceful self into a MOMSTER. Understanding quite quickly that his actions were the cause of this terrifying transformation, he apologizes. The mother quickly forgives and alters back into her delightful self. The young boy wants to warn anyone who will listen of the potential threat hiding in everyone’s mom. MOMSTER will thrill and chill every child between the ages 4-10. There is a lesson of action and reaction that every parent can relate to and will enjoy discussing with their child.

MOMSTER has won a Readers Favorites Five Star Badge and a Silver with eLit Awards- Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence.

32 pages, Hardcover

First published July 1, 2015

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About the author

Laura Jensen-Kimball

2 books33 followers
Laura Jensen-Kimball is the mother of four children and married to Jeff. She was inspired to write after her youngest child was diagnosed with a speech delay. Books were a common tool used in improving his speech. Laura creates books with a touch of humor she feels both parent and child will enjoy. Check out Laura’s website at Wackystackbooks.com.

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Profile Image for Kim Anderson.
24 reviews37 followers
November 5, 2015
I received this book in the mail yesterday via Goodreads Giveaways. First, thanks goes to the author for the opportunity and the win!

I just got done reading this to my son, Mikey, who is seven. Whenever we get children's books in the mail, he gets really professional about critiquing the books. Here are some of the things he had to say and I quote:

1. Everyone should read Momster. Can I take it to school?
2. The pictures are really fun and colorful. I hate reading picture books that don't have colorful pictures.
3. My favorite part was finding the baby on each page and seeing what he or she was doing.
4. I don't normally like when books rhyme, but I liked this one because it wasn't like a Dr. Seuss book where sometimes it doesn't make sense.

When asked if I ever turned into a Momster, he said no. Although, I'm sure he only said this in fear that I might turn right then and there.

I'm excited to read this with my niece and nephew (ages three and four respectively) this weekend.
Profile Image for Michelle Eastman.
Author 2 books35 followers
September 30, 2015
Get ready for a new nighttime favorite! MOMSTER is a delightful, not too scary, cautionary tale of what can happen when mamma ain't happy! The zippy, rhyming text and colorful, fun illustrations make this a perfect read aloud. My son asked to read it over and over while he laughed out loud. I highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Jeri.
512 reviews22 followers
November 4, 2017
Cute little cautionary tale for children about the "momster" their mother can become if they don't listen to her. I am sure my children, now ages 20 and 16, would agree that I can become a "Momster" if they don't listen to me even now!
Profile Image for Donalisa Helsley.
Author 4 books50 followers
September 28, 2015
This is a book that parents and children everywhere will love and relate to. Momster is a humorous story of a boy who isn't listening and following directions. Soon his mother turns into something that scares him and he realizes the consequences of his actions.

Not only will children learn from this book, it will opened parent's eyes to what we must look like to them when we "lose control". The kids will jokingly say to me, "Yes ma'am. Don't let the Momster out!"

I have also used this book in therapy with clients to help them connect the dots between others behavior and their actions. The only thing I wish happened in this book is that mom also apologized for turning into a Momster.

Profile Image for David Grindberg.
Author 2 books11 followers
December 2, 2016
What happens when moms go bad?

What is it that transforms that loving, caring,beautiful woman into a...well...a momster?

Laura Jensen - Kimble knows, and her playful prose along with Peter Mahr’s engaging illustrations bring young readers (or better, parents reading with their children) into a world they already know.

Momster is a whimsical, light hearted story of relationships and respect. It will quickly become one of your bedtime go tos.

So my advice to you? Sit down. Read it with your children. Watch the momster grow and learn how to tame the beast!
Profile Image for Dan.
14 reviews9 followers
November 25, 2015
I bought MOMSTER at an Authors Fest in Des Moines, IA I bought the book MOMSTER from the author Laura Jensen-Kimball for my grandchildren. Before I gave them the book to share I had to listen and read it for myself. The author did a great job in her illustrations and getting the point across.

My grand-kids love the book and already asking when I can read it to them again. I don't mind at all because I enjoy reading it and listening to the CD.

Kids as well as adults will enjoy this book.
Profile Image for Julie Barrett.
7,800 reviews138 followers
December 26, 2015
Cute children's colorful story of what happens to a mom when she asks you to do something and you avoid it and her and do what you want.
This one child explains to the other kids to watch out for their own MOMSTER as it will happen to them. When the child is nice and apologizes to her you won't believe what happens next.
Very difficult to read when they put words over dark background pages and other items on the page. You can't increase the size of the font either.
1 review3 followers
July 31, 2015
This is a wonderful book for kids! I love the humor and real life experiences
Profile Image for Calli Tuggle.
4 reviews
July 15, 2020
This is one of my favorite books to read aloud to my boys. The rhymes make it super catchy, the illustrations are vivid, and the lesson about listening to your mom is top notch. There’s so many layers to this book—it is definitely a family favorite. The older boys love pointing out the connection to the ‘Hollywood Monster’ (vampire melting in the sun). My toddler loves to point out what naughty things the baby is up to on each page.
Profile Image for Jessi.
424 reviews23 followers
June 18, 2018
Both girls love this book right now!
Profile Image for Lisa Andrew.
Author 23 books37 followers
May 15, 2020
This was a very funny picture book. The illustrations were amazing, and I loved it. However, my 6 year old might have taken it a bit too seriously. lol
April 7, 2016
This book is sheer delight. I read it with my kids and we all laughed. They thought it was so funny, as did I. I have been known to turn into a momster from time to time, so it was a book we could all relate to. I love that Jensen-Kimball found a way to teach children to be respectful to their mothers in a way that is both entertaining and funny (and a bit scary). The pictures are also such fun. The pictures illustrate the slow transition a mother to takes from loving mother to momster! I love that this book can help build the relationship between mother and child. This book takes into account the role we play to maintaining our relationships and creates a fun way to encourage communication between mother and child. This is a frightening tale and readers beware that the momster can come out when love and respect are not shown...read the book to find out how to turn the momster back into her fun loving self!!! 4.5 stars
1 review3 followers
November 7, 2015
What a fun book with a great twist on a real life situation. My kids and I love the story. Fun for the whole family and a great lesson on respecting parents. Now when my kids give us the 'just a minute' hesitation we remind them they are causing the Momster to come out! They are old enough to know that means they are being less than respectful and jump up to respond. All because of the plot to this great children's book. Nice job Laura Jensen-Kimball! It's a nightly read and will be an heirloom book in our family.
Profile Image for Megan.
11 reviews
April 24, 2016
Such a cute and clever book. I've been known to turn into a momster a few times, like most moms have. Hopefully I don't look that scary when I "transform".
Profile Image for Ashlee.
1 review
May 8, 2016

This Cute story with fun illustrations, I enjoy what the little sibling is doing in the background. Can't wait to read to my 3year old
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