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message 1: by Kay (new)

Kay Thank you for this review! You've written exactly what I think of this story. I'd love a companion novel from Victoria's POV.

message 2: by Beverly (new)

Beverly Excellent and perceptive. I have to say I'd have acted just like Veronica did when Tony keeps contacting her!

message 3: by lar- (new)

lar- What I don't get is Veronica's bitterness and the bit in the letter about ''blood money''.

message 4: by Monica (new)

Monica Lar- Veronica is bitter because Adrian, her boyfriend, had an affair with her mother and ruined her family dynamic. Her mother is dead, Adrian is dead, the only person left with culpability in the damage is incapable of understanding his part in it because he's edited his memory of it. It's not entirely his fault that he didn't pick up on the fact that he sent Adrian to Veronica's mother because that letter was full of vitriol in every direction. But his letter was the catalyst for everything that happened, in her mind. Although who's to say that it wouldn't have happened later, unassisted, if he's been brought home to meet the family? That's Tony's saving grace, but for once he isn't letting himself off the hook.

I think the "blood money" is just restitution made to the loss of a friendship and the recognition that she played a roll in his breakup with Veronica. But Veronica calls it that because she views her mother's seduction as directly responsible for Adrian's death and Tony as directly responsible for putting that affair in motion.

message 5: by lar- (new)

lar- Thanks for this :)

message 6: by Matterhörnli (new)

Matterhörnli I agree, clear as mud

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